Complaints And Incidents


Dealing with a Barking Dog 

Dogs are an important part of our community, however dogs that bark excessively can become a source of irritation for neighvours and others using the local environment. Our best friend can, if it barks continually can become an intrusion and create friction between neighbours. Neighbours can help each other to solve barking problems by communicating to each other their concerns and needs. Your neighbour may not even be aware that their dog is causing an issue.

‘Dealing with a Barking Dog Resource Kit and Complaint Form’ contains information for both owners and complainants:

Dealing with a barking dog resource kit and complaint form(192 kb)

Dog Attacks

If you have witnessed a dog attack there is a form that you can download and complete before coming into Council or if you are the victim of a dog attack you can download the Dog attack incident statement.

Dog Attack Incident Statement (95kb)

Dog Attack Witness Statement (81kb)

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