Waste and Recycling Audit

Waste and Recycling Audit

Where are you putting your waste? Can we do it better?

Mount Barker District Council will be undertaking a detailed audit of kerbside waste and recycling bins during November 2017 to check what residents and businesses are doing well, and where improvement could be made in relation to the way we manage our waste. A phone survey will also be conducted as part of the process to inform a new Waste to Resources Management Plan.

The bin audit will examine the recycling practices of 200 bins across the district and the phone survey will involve discussions with 200 residents.

“Our Council is growing at an amazing rate and so is our waste,” says Mayor Ann Ferguson.

“It is important we develop a comprehensive waste and recycling plan to address emerging waste issues, find ways to improve sustainable waste management and take into account the projected population growth of our district”.

This audit along with the phone survey will be used to inform and shape the development of a Waste to Resources Management Plan for the Mount Barker District.

Council’s General Manager Council Services, Mr Greg Parker says we all need to be mindful of the amount and type of waste we dispose of and how to reduce waste to landfill and in turn increase the level of recycling.  

“This audit will help us plan future waste and recycling services, achieve resource recovery targets and improve community awareness through education.  

Council currently serves approximately 14,000 rubbish bins across the district and receives about 7,000 tonnes of rubbish into landfill every year, costing about $2million.

Mr Parker said the audit is about understanding how people are currently disposing of waste items, and using this information to improve waste resource sustainability and to inform improved waste services.

“Early data shows we could do things better! Changing behaviour will be good for everyone and we believe we can reduce waste to landfill and increase recycling and save money along the way”.

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