Food Scraps, Composting & Worm Farms

Food Scraps are Good to Go in Mount Barker

If you live in the designated 'Township' kerbside collection area and are entitled to a green bin you will have received a small kitchen container and roll of compostable bags to help with composting food scraps via the green bin.

Replacement rolls of compostable bags for your kitchen caddy are now available from Council's Office at 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker and the Library at 5 Dumas Street, Mount Barker.

Households located within Townships are entitled to collect one roll of 150 compostable bags.

Keep up the good work by placing your food scraps in the green bin for composting and reducing waste to landfill.

Please remember no plastic or biodegradable bags in the green bin, only compostable bags that will break down during the composting process.

All Food Scraps Are Good To Go(247 kb)

Food Scraps Program FAQs

Q - When will the containers be delivered?
A - The containers and compostable bags will be delivered in November 2013.  Please keep an eye out for yours and take it inside as soon as you see it.  Where possible the containers will be placed just inside your fence, next to the letter box or driveway.

Q - What will be delivered?
A - One aerated container (kitchen caddy) and one roll of 150 compostable bags will be delivered to each household within the kerbside green bin service area.

Q - How to use the caddies and bags?
A - The compostable bags should be used to line the caddy.  All food scraps can be placed into the bag.  The bag should be placed into the green bin two to three times a week and the green bin placed out for collection fortnightly.

Q - What about smells?
A - Studies have shown that the disposal of food scraps within compostable bags into the green bin does not have a significant impact on the smell of the bin.  If you are having issues with smells you can freeze seafood and meat until the day of collection and always ensure you place the bin out fortnightly, even if it is not full.

Q - What if I didn't receive my kitchen caddy during the roll out?
A - If you are within the green bin kerbside collection area and did not receive your caddy please contact Council on 8391 7200.

Q - What if I need more compostable bags or an additional caddy?
A - Each property within the green bin service area is entitled to one kitchen caddy.  If you would like an additional caddy, they can be purchased direct from Mastec, or similar product can be sourced from a local hardware store.

One roll of bags consists of 150 bags and should last for 12 months.  If additional bags are required throughout the year they can be purchased at Bunnings or direct via Mastec.  Council will supply bags annually in November 2014 and 2015.  After this time residents will be required to source their own bags.

Q - I have an approved additional service; do I get two kitchen caddies?
A - No, only one kitchen caddy will be supplied per assessment.

Q - If I move can I take my caddy and bags with me?
A - If your caddy and bags were provided by Council they belong to Council and should be left at the property if you move.

Q - I've just moved into an existing house and there is no kitchen caddy, can I have a new one?
A - After the initial rollout of the kitchen caddies, Council will not supply replacement kitchen caddies to existing properties, if you do not have a caddy or roll of bags and you would like one you can purchase it direct from Mastec or source a similar product.

Q - My caddy broke, I need a new one
A - Council will not replace broken caddies, residents will need to source their own from Mastec or purchase a similar product.

Q - Can I use plastic bags instead?
A - Absolutely not, it is very important that plastic bags are not placed in the green bin.  Plastic bags cause major issues downstream at the composting facility as they do not break down. Compostable bags are designed to break down during the composting process.

Q - What will happen to the food scraps I put in the green bin?
A - Food scraps placed into the green bin, whether loose or within a compostable bag will be composted along with your green garden material.

Q - I have moved in to a newly built home and don't have a caddy or kerbside bins.
A - Please complete an application for a kerbside collection service, which can be found on Council's website at  The application will include an option to request a kitchen caddy and one will be delivered with your blue and yellow bins at no extra cost.

The resident is responsible for provision and maintenance of a suitable green coloured 240Litre mobile garbage bin.

Q - I don't want  my caddy
A - We suggest you give it a try and see how you go.  If you don't want to use it you can store it and leave it at the property if you move.  Alternatively you can drop it back to Council.

Q - I've been delivered a kitchen caddy but I've never had a green bin
A - If you would like a green bin you can purchase one direct from SITA by contacting them on 8345 7800 or a provider of your choice.  Alternatively you can use your caddy to transport your food scraps to your home compost, or chooks.

Q - Can I place the compostable bag into my home compost?
A - It is not recommended to place the compostable bag into your home compost because it may not break down at the same rate as your compost.

Setting up Composting or a Worm Farm

Setting up composting or a worm farm in your back yard is a great way to get rid of unwanted food scraps and other organic material like lawn clippings, tea leaves – even hair! Not only does it benefit your garden and facilitate healthy soil, it prevents these valuable materials from going to landfill as well as reducing the amount you need to put into your bin! For more information and tips on how to set up a compost or worm farm check out the Zero Waste SA information sheets on composting, mulching and worm farms.

> Zero Waste SA website

Additionally, should you wish to establish a compost or worm farm of your own, there are a number of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from. A search on the internet or in the yellow pages will help you locate these manufacturers and suppliers.

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200