Rainwater Incentive Scheme

Rainwater Incentive Scheme

Upsize your rainwater tank!

Incentive to supplement mains water use with rainwater supply for all new home builders with extensions greater than 50m² with mains water connection

In partnership with the SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board, South Australian and Australian Governments, in an attempt to encourage water conservation, Council is offering an incentive to new home builders/owners and homeowners undertaking major extensions / renovations on applications lodged after the 1st July 2006.

A rebate of between $250-$750 is available to increase the capacity of your rainwater tank to 4,500L to over 20,000L and is plumbed to more than one water outlet. Please note that State Government requirements is additional (between 5,000L and 22,000L) to any other storage tank requirements for fire fighting purposes.

Please refer to the fact sheet and terms and conditions for more information.

> Upsize your rainwater tank: Fact Sheet

> Upsize your rainwater tank: Application Form

For further information contact Council's Environmental Project Officer on (08) 8391 7217

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
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