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Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile food vans (MFVs) are classified as food premises under the Food Act 2001 and are required to comply with the relevant food safety standards. This includes the requirement for notification of a food business. MFVs must only be notified with the council in which the vehicle is housed. MFVs are able to trade in other areas and may also be subject to inspection by the local authority in which they are trading.

The Food Safety Passport System for Mobile Food Vendors is a non-compulsory system that aims to reduce red tape by reducing the number of inspections mobile food vendors are subject to, while increasing compliance with food safety standards and guidelines. The following steps are required in order to receive a passport:

  • Notification to the local council in which the MFV is housed (see ‘Starting a food business’ for more information)
  • An initial inspection of the MFV by a council EHO
  • After inspection of the business (whilst trading) a passport may be issued by council

Vendors may then show the passport to event organisers and other local authorities as proof of notification and inspection. Other local authorities may still inspect the premises at their discretion.

Please access the following guideline for further information on the passport system -

Mount Barker Council has several trading sites available for mobile food vendors. Information on specific sites and requirements can be found here.