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Fines, Penalties & Payments

Changes to Fines in South Australia

From February 2014, people have more flexible options to pay their fines, due to changes to the management of fines in South Australia.  A new State Government unit called – the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit – has been established to recover overdue fine amounts owed to state and local government bodies.

These functions have moved from the Magistrates Court to the new Fines Unit on 3 February 2014. The unit will also manage the recovery of court fines and Criminal Injury Compensation (CIC) and Victims of Crime (VOC) compensation amounts. The Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit can be contacted by calling them on 1800 659 538. Before calling, it is worth visiting the Fines Unit website for information about managing overdue fines:

Payment Arrangements

Payment Arrangements are available to help spread your payments over a longer period. This means you can make regular weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payments to manage your amount owing along with other expenses in your household budget. Minimum payments will depend on the total amount owing and payment frequency.

Contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit for an application for more time call 1800 659 538. For more information about managing overdue fines: visit the unit’s website at

Penalties and Payment

Under the Expiation of Offences Act 1996, expiations need not be attached to vehicles. Details of the offence may be taken and an expiation notice posted to the offender.

Legal proceedings may be instituted if payment is not made within 28 days. However, Council may accept late payment subject to additional administrative and legal costs being included with the expiation fee.

To appeal against any infringement notice issued by an authorised officer, a written request must be made to Council, options are:

  • Emailing to
  • Posting to Mount Barker District Council, PO Box 54 or an Expiation Appeal Form can be completed at the Civic Centre, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker between 9am and 5pm or the form downloaded below, completed and posted to Mount Barker District Council, PO Box 54, Mount Barker SA 5251.
  • Completing the online form Appeal Form - Parking (online form)

If the offence is a parking or traffic offence and you were not driving at the time of the offence, you may be able to provide a statutory declaration in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1961 or other relevant legislation that outlines the name and address of the driver. A statutory declaration form may be obtained from the Council’s offices.

For further information regarding parking control, including concerns regarding parking fines, contact Council on 8391 7200 or email