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Illegal Dumping

What is illegal dumping?

It is illegal to place your rubbish or unwanted household items in a public place without Council permission (Under Section 22, Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016).

People found dumping rubbish or goods can be:

  • issued with an on the spot fine (from $210)
  • taken to court and fined (penalties range from $5,000 to $250,000)
  • illegal disposal of asbestos ($120,000 for individuals disposing of asbestos)

How can I report illegal dumping?

Making a complaint about illegal dumping is easy. If you see illegally dumped waste, or if you see someone, or suspect something in relation to dumping, report it to Council. Complaints can be made by phoning 8391 7200 or email

For more information refer to the EPA website:

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Sometimes abandoned trolleys end up in creeks, block footpaths or become impromptu rubbish bins. Help keep our community tidy by returning your trolley to the nearest trolley station.

Legal ways to remove rubbish

Windmill Hill Waste Transfer Station

Council runs a Waste Transfer Station (outside of Hahndorf at Windmill Hill) which operates on a user pays basis. For more information:

Three times a year you can drop off clean green waste directly at Council's Waste Transfer Station for free. Dates listed below:

Hard Waste

Mount Barker District Council supports and promotes avoiding waste. Council recently undertook a waste survey in which some respondents indicated there was an interest in Council improving their kerbside collection service by introducing a hard waste collection service to residents.

Council are currently reviewing the community feedback and will develop priority actions within a Waste to Resources Management Plan. This will be presented for adoption by Council in May 2019 with an implementation plan for priority actions shortly after.  It is not known at this stage whether a hard waste service will form part of these priority actions.

Local Nuisance Littering

For more information on  Local Nuisance Littering click here