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Local Nuisance Littering

Litter is any object disposed of by a person, either onto land or into any waters whether

by a pedestrian, from a vehicle, or from a premises.  Disposing of litter also means discarding litter or allowing litter to be blown from, or to fall from a premises or vehicle.

The Local Nuisance & Litter Control Act 2016 introduces specific classes for certain types of litter. These are:

General litter –

Any solid or liquid domestic or commercial waste including, but not limited to, chewing gum, cigarettes or cigarette butts, food, beverage containers, packaging, furniture, green waste, personal items such as clothing and footwear, demolition material, building or construction material, vehicles or vehicle parts, farm or agricultural machinery or equipment, dead or diseased animals.

Class A hazardous litter –

Asbestos or things containing asbestos, any combination of class A hazardous litter and general litter.

Class B hazardous litter –

Live cigarettes or cigarette butts, used syringes, glass, any combination of class B hazardous litter and general litter.

People found illegally disposing of litter can be:

  • issued with an on the spot fine (from $210)
  • taken to court and fined (penalties range from $5,000 to $250,000)
  • illegal disposal of asbestos ($120,000 for individuals disposing of asbestos)

How can I report littering?

If you see litter, or if you see someone, or suspect something in relation to littering, report it to Council. Complaints can be made by phoning (08) 8391 7200 or email

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