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A strategy for a smarter city

Mount Barker District Council is developing a Smart City Strategy, which will help create new economic opportunities, enhance our lifestyle and improve efficiency.

As Mount Barker is set to become the second biggest city outside of Adelaide, it places the region in a unique position. Council is giving serious consideration to where smart applications can be entrenched into local initiatives and projects.

Designed with people and businesses in mind, the strategy will be developed with feedback from the community.

What is a smart city?

The answer depends on who you ask. Some may tell you it’s about smart parking, rain sensors, clever bins and lighting or anything to do with technology. Others may say it’s about recording and sharing online information, improving transportation or ways to reduce crime.

Everyone is right. A smart city, if done well will have different values for different stakeholders, but will essentially help to enhance the liveability of our community and make our district more effective and efficient, which is necessary given our projected rapid growth.

The Smart City Strategy focuses on the following key areas:

  • A smart economy that invests in innovation and technology to support business success and attract industry and more investment
  • A smart environment in which the public, business and industry harness innovation to create a cleaner, more sustainable future
  • Smart living by embracing technology in public places to improve the amenity of the city and connect with people in new ways
  • Smart mobility in which walking and cycling have top billing and technology-enabled infrastructure is employed to create better travel experiences
  • Smart people attracted from afar and persuaded to stay or return to pursue careers
  • Smart governance marked by consultative leadership and collaboration across government, industry and business

What does a smart city really do?

We’re not looking to become a futuristic city that has kilometre high skyscrapers or flying cars as in “the Jetsons”, but a city that can work smarter and encourage innovation to meet the challenges we face in the coming years.

In a nutshell, a smart city is about using data and technology to improve Council services and operational efficiency, enhance community well-being, environmental sustainability and economic development.

What can I do?

Council plans to get on the front foot and embrace technology and ideas to make life easier and more sustainable for residents, businesses and visitors. Our definition of a smart city is still evolving, so we are looking to hear from our residents and businesses on how to improve services and achieve key outcomes for a strategy.

If you desire a bright, smart community and wish to share your ideas, please fill out our ‘smarter than average’ survey. This public survey ends on 13 September 2019 and will help outline Council’s Smart City Strategy.

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Submissions close 5pm, Friday 13 September 2019.