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Summit Sport and Recreation Park Board

Summit Sport and Recreation Park Board members are:

Independent Members  Chairperson Iain Evans, Jane Russo, Paul Brown, Peter Scargill and Jayne Symons.

Council Member  Councillor Jones

The Summit Sport and Recreation Park is governed by a board appointed by Council (under section 41 of the Local Government Act 1999) with four independent members and one Council Member. The Board is accountable to Council and its role and objective is to:

  • ensure that the facility is promoted and that there is maximum participation while seeking to minimise the cost;
  • set the strategic direction and govern the operational management;
  • be responsible for the strategic, financial and governance aspects;
  • establish and manage lease/licence agreements with users;
  • consider commercial arrangements;
  • direct all activity on the site; and
  • provide advice to Council on matters referred to the Board by Council.

Terms of Reference for the Summit Sport and Recreation Park Board have been established.

Summit Sport and Recreation Park Board Terms of Reference

SSRP Board Independent Review

As per the SSRP Board Terms of Reference:

16.1 A review will be undertaken by an independent consultant appointed by Council, after 2 years of the Board being operational and again at 5 years.  This review will consider governance arrangements, management agreements, financial and operational aspects including the coordination and management of facilities.

In August 2022, this independent report was presented to Mt Barker District Council: SSRP Two Year Review of Board, Governance and Operating Model


The Summit Sport and Recreation Park Board meets on the second Wednesday of every other month at 6.00pm.

An agenda is available for inspection 3 clear days prior to the meeting and Agendas and Minutes are posted below. Minutes are available 5 days after the meeting; all minutes are draft until confirmed at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 24 July 2024 at 6.00pm.

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