Regional Sports Hub Board

Regional Sports Hub Board members are:

Independent Members  Chairperson Iain Evans, Jane Russo, Paul Brown, Peter Scargill.

Council Member  Councillor Jones

The regional sports hub will be governed by a board appointed by Council (under section 41 of the Local Government Act 1999) with four independent members and one Council Member. The Board is accountable to Council and its role and objective is to:

  • ensure that the facility is promoted and that there is maximum participation while seeking to minimise the cost;
  • set the strategic direction and govern the operational management;
  • be responsible for the strategic, financial and governance aspects;
  • establish and manage lease/licence agreements with users;
  • consider commercial arrangements;
  • direct all activity on the site; and
  • provide advice to Council on matters referred to the Board by Council.

The Board will appoint a sub-committee.

The first meeting of the Board was scheduled for 27 March 2020 but has now been cancelled, a future date has yet to be set.

An agenda is available for inspection 3 clear days prior to the meeting in the Customer Service area of the Council Office. Agendas and minutes are also posted below. Minutes are available 5 days after the meeting.

Terms of Reference for the Regional Sports Hub Board have been established.

Regional Sports Hub Board Terms of Reference

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