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Have your say on transport - draft Integrated Transport Plan Action Plans

Published 5th June 2024

Consultation has been extended to 5pm Monday 22 July 2024.

Council is seeking your feedback on the six draft Action Plans of the Integrated Transport Plan to ensure that transport in the district will provide safe, connected and efficient access for the whole community.

The purpose of an Integrated Transport Plan is to create a framework and direction to align transport investment and policy decisions with the aspirations the community hold for the district in the future. It will be our key strategic document that guides transport projects, advocacy and decision making with evidence-based justifications to a range of projects.

The Integrated Transport Plan consists of the Transport Lead Strategy (which has already been endorsed by Council) and six themed action plans which have been drafted in consultation with key stakeholders. Council is seeking wider community feedback on the following draft themed action plans:

  1. Road Network Management
  2. Active Transport
  3. Road Safety
  4. Parking
  5. Public Transport
  6. Technology and Innovation

All the information including how you can provide feedback, visit the Integrated Transport Plan Your Say page.

Consultation is open from 5 June to 22 July 2024.