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Littlehampton & Blakiston Plan

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Mount Barker District Council has developed a Littlehampton and Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan to establish a program of local improvements, guide future development and infrastructure, and protect the things that the community values. The Plan seeks to:

  • Support and promote the area's strengths as a highly attractive and livable village and rural living area;  
  • Progressively improve walkability and accessibility to transport infrastructure;
  • Improve the public realm, streetscape and public places;
  • Strengthen the connection between people and the places they share;
  • Enhance opportunities for a vibrant and inclusive community life;
  • Improve housing choice to accommodate people at all stages of life;
  • Provide opportunities for business and services to meet current and future needs of the area; and 
  • Improve the North Terrace streetscape and the future of Council owned land known as the ‘Glebe land’.

The Plan

Click here for a copy of the Plan

For further information, please contact Planning Policy and Strategy on 8391 7200 or e-mail