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Dog Park 'Barka Park'

dog park

The first dog park in Mount Barker officially opened for ‘doggy’ business on 26 July 2015. Council resolved to name the park "Barka Park" at the Council Meeting 17 August 2015. The GoPro video and photos from the opening can be found below.

Dog Park Location Map

Council worked closely with Electranet who donated the land to create this enclosed dog exercise area.

The park can be accessed from Zanker Drive (car and pedestrian access) and Bluestone Drive (pedestrian access) near the new Bluestone Estate in Mount Barker and features two shelters and seating, doggy bag dispensers, purpose built drinking fountains, a designated car park, dog exercise equipment, park furniture and paths.

Please enjoy using the park, but please remember some basic good manners:

  • Ensure you look after your dog while in the park
  • Ensure your dog is under effective control (by means of voice command) when in the park
  • If you do get there and feel the dogs in there are not friendly or out of control, then do not enter
  • Dog parks are where you go to play and have fun, not be beaten up!
  • Remember to pick up your dog poops so it doesn’t become a mine field
  • Remember to do some training during that time so they listen!
  • But most of all have fun! (woof woof bark ruff woof!)

GoPro Video

On the day of the opening a GoPro camera was set up on a number of dogs to capture a unique dogs eye view of the park.

This movie is now available. To view click on the link below.

Warning: As this video was entirely shot by dogs, if prone to motion sickness do not watch this video.

High resolution photos

Please note that all high resolution photos are the property of the photographer. Please contact Darren Clements on 0409 559 946 for photos with three numbers in the title eg “dogpark123” and Heather Reid on 0477 960 669 for photos with four numbers in the title  eg “dogpark1234”.


Council does not provide a printing service or is responsible for printing photos from this gallery.