Environmental Services Centre

Build Expand

Environmental Services Centre and Volunteer Hub

Springs Road, Mount Barker



April 2019

Construction is continuing on the remainder of the Environmental Services Centre.

ESC Aerial Photo March 2109


March 2019

The Volunteer Hub is now complete.  Volunteer Groups are progressively moving in and activiating the space.



October 2018

The Volunteer Hub structure has recently been erected and the roof and wall cladding has now been installed.

The concrete floor is being poured in stages and this is approaching completion. Once the concreting has been finished, focus will shift to undertaking the internal fitout works such as partition walls, roller doors, services etc.

Fire protection tanks, pump room and associated infrastructure all well underway.

ESC Build 1  ESC Build 2

ESC Drone 1  ESC Drone 2

ESC Drone 3  


July 2018

Stage 1 of the Environmental Services Centre is a Volunteer Hub which will provide storage and workspace for the community.
The Volunteer Hub building itself is a 100m x 15m commercial shed that will include some basic fitout for shared kitchen and toilet amenities. The 1500m2 area is divided into 4 main areas which will accommodate the Mt Barker Mens Shed, Pageant Floats and storage for Council events and Infrastructure Maintenance and Operations Unit.

Council’s contractor Fusco Constructions commenced work on site in late May and completion is expected in December.

Currently all concrete footings for the structural steel frame have been completed and sub-contractors are part way through trenching and installing the underfloor plumbing. While this is happening the structural steel beams are being manufactured in a factory and its delivery to site will mark a significant milestone for the project.

The construction of the Volunteer Hub forms the first stage of the Environmental Services Centre. Stage 2 of the development will consist of a new Council depot facility and an interpretive centre. It is envisaged that construction of stage 2 will commence early 2019 and take approximately 12 months.



May 2018

Volunteer Hub Construction – Tender Awarded & Construction Commencing

At the meeting held on 3 April, Council awarded the $1.2million tender for construction of the Volunteer Hub.

The design of the Volunteer Hub building incorporates storage space, workshops and shared kitchen and toilet facilities. This contract also includes the construction of fire protection infrastructure which will have capacity to cater for the upcoming Environmental Services Centre project.

Council’s building contractor, Fusco Constructions will commence in May and is expected to reach completion in December.

Once completed, the Volunteer Hub will provide substantial community benefits including;

  • Accommodation for the Pageant Floats and Men’s Shed with a saving in current rent and outgoings payments of approx. $40,000 pa
  • Additional community workshop and storage space
  • Increased wellbeing for the community through provision of a permanent Men’s Shed and improved community and volunteer facilities
  • Shared facilities for other community volunteer groups such as the Laratinga Volunteers
  • Potential to provide a strong focus for volunteers through the new Hub

ESC Volunteer Hub Design Plans(337 kb)

ESC Volunteer Hub Communication 1(2199 kb) 


March 2018

Construction Volunteer Hub

Detailed design for the Environmental Services Centre Volunteer Hub Construction is currently being progressed and it is anticipated that construction will be completed in 2019.


Environmental Services Centre and Volunteer Hub Design

The overall design for the site consists of a new Council depot facility and an interpretive centre with the ability to host community events. Building work will have a focus on ecologically sustainable design with water-reuse and environmental connections to the adjacent Springs Wetland a priority.

ESC Stage 2 Proposed Layout Plan(3570 kb)



Earthworks for Volunteer Hub

The first stage of the Environmental Services Centre project consists of a Volunteer Hub which will provide storage and a work space for the community. Earthworks for this stage have been completed and construction is envisaged to be underway in mid-2018.

ESC Earthworks


In February 2017, Council submitted an application for $1M of funding from the State Government’s State Local Government Infrastructure Partnership (SLGIP).

On 10 March 2017 Council was advised its application had been successful for 20% of the estimated total project construction cost of $5M for the Environmental Services Centre and Volunteer Hub project.

Council has sought funding for the project whenever possible and received $100,000 from the State Government towards the Springs Wetland Development and $180,000 from the St Francis de Sales College for its component of the access road.



Access Road and Car Parks to Springs Wetland and St Frances de Sales College

Information on the construction of the Access Road and Car Parks is available at: http://www.dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=804&t=uList&ulistId=0&c=26267



Springs Wetland

Information on the construction of the Springs Wetland is available at: http://www.dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=871&t=uList&ulistId=0&c=16497



Council was granted a Development Approval for the Project in May 2013 including construction of an Environmental Services Centre to provide a more efficient base for Council’s Field Services Staff, Waste Water Treatment Staff and Control Room and an Interpretive Centre for the Wetlands and Waste Water operation.



Plans have been prepared for a Proposed Environmental Services Centre and Wetlands, Springs Road, Mt Barker.

The proposal will provide a much needed new Environmental Services Centre along with an attractive public amenity for passive recreation in the centre of Mt Barker.  It has been submitted as a Development Application but will be subject to further detailed design work and budgetary considerations.

A range of environmental considerations have been integrated into the design for the proposal.  The full report to Council is available here:

Council Report 5 November 2012 - Proposed New Environmental Services Centre(3384 kb)

Press Release Environmental Services Centre(33 kb) 




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