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Pedestrians are the largest single group of road users and the most vulnerable road user. The provision of pedestrian facilities is important and many requests (apart from maintenance) are received by Council, either for the construction or upgrade including replacement of footpath facilities. Council is also developing an asset management plan and Transport Master Plan that will include the management of the existing footpath network and determination of whole of life costs.

In 2010 Council completed a condition assessment and from that developed a program for maintenance and construction.

Council’s budget includes the annual Footpath Program. 

Council endeavours to complete the Footpath Program within the indicated year, however the program can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs the affected segment will be scheduled in a future works program.

Click on the links below for a list of footpaths included in the 2018/19 program. 


Echunga Rd, Hahndorf

Renewal of the existing asphalt path on the Western side of Echunga Rd, Hahndorf from the South Eastern Freeway to Hahndorf Sporting Oval will be completed November/December 2018.  These works will also include upgrades to the intersection to Story Road, and the inclusion of fencing where required.


Hutchinson Street - Mann Street to Victoria Cr Footpath Renewal

 What the works include:

  • New concrete footpath including improvements to the existing bus stop
  • Improved landscaping provisions
  • Improvements to the tree scape, including three new trees

 When are the works occurring:

  • Trees to be removed late September 2018
  • Footpath works to begin during November-December 2018


Footpath Construction Criteria

Footpath program 2018/19

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