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Alexandrina/Bald Hills/Hartman Roads Resealing

The District Council of Mount Barker will undertake the resealing of the intersection of Bald Hills Road, Alexandrina Road and Harman Road commencing the week of 4 May 2015. This work is scheduled to be undertaken during the day and weather permitting, is estimated to take two weeks to complete.

The resealing will involve the removal of the existing road surface and application of asphalt.  Work will extend up to the new surfaces of the recently completed upgrades to Bald Hills Road and Alexandrina Road and extend down Hartman Road to the recently resealed section.

Council will be working very closely with the contractor to ensure traffic management is well considered for the three roads and that delays are minimised as much as possible.

The project will upgrade the road surface to deliver an appropriate level of service for all road users and provide a seamless change between Bald Hills Road and Alexandrina Road.

Patience and cooperation while the successful completion of this project is delivered for the community is appreciated.