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Alston Road, Blakiston Renewal

Project Complete

May 2017

The planned draingage and pagement rehabilitation including road widening, re-alignment at the intersection with Compson Road, surface drainage, spray sealing and traffic control have been completed.


Progress Update

January 2017

The Alston Road Pavement Works tender has been awarded to Metro & Country Civil and works are due to commence amid February with an estimated duration of 4-6 weeks subject to weather.

The works will include alignment adjustment and limited widening, surface drainage improvements and spray sealing of the new pavement surface.

Whilst disruption will be minimised wherever possible, some delays should be expected and traffic management will be implemented for the duration of works.


Progress Update

December 2016

The bitumen works will be tendered during January with construction expected to be undertaken in February/March 2017.


Stormwater Works to Commence

During the week of 13 June 2016, work will commence on the underground stormwater drainage along Alston Road. 

Once complete, the trench will be backfilled with cement treated rubble which will provide a stable surface until the bitumen work can be completed as soon as possible in spring. 

The contractor has indicated the stormwater work will take approximately three weeks to complete.


Progress Update

May 2016

Since the Information Forum was held on 9 March, further work has been undertaken to refine the design following feedback from the community and prepare the specifications for the stormwater and road works in preparation for calling for tenders for construction.

While Council is in a position to call for tenders now, the time required to undertake the tender process, evaluation and awarding of the contracts will not be completed prior to the wetter months.

Council is now proposing to tender for the underground stormwater drainage works to be undertaken as soon as possible.  Identified vegetation removals will also be undertaken to ensure that all preworks are completed in readiness.  Council’s Field Services will undertake maintenance of Alston Road between Compson Road and Joseph Road as required to hold the road over winter.

While it is unfortunate that all the works cannot be completed prior to the wetter weather, it is important that the bitumen works are undertaken in warmer conditions to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.


Community Information Forum

Wednesday 9 March 2016, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Supper Room, Littlehampton Peace Memorial Hall, North Terrace, Littlehampton

A Community Information Forum will be held on Wednesday 9 March 2016, commencing at 5.30pm at the Littlehampton Peace Memorial Hall (details provided below).  The purpose of the forum is to enable Council officers to provide a brief background to the project, a summary of the process and community input to date and an overview of the proposed improvements to the road and drainage.  There will be time allocated for questions and discussion. 

Draft Program

5.30pm           - Informal viewing of design and plans and ask questions
6.00pm           - Council staff presentation
6.15pm           - Questions and answers
6.45pm           - Close off hall meeting and reconvene to Alston Road
7.00pm           - View pegged outline with explanation from Council staff on site
7.30pm           - Concludes

Next Steps

Council staff will review comments and discussion from the forum and finalise the design. A cost estimate will then be prepared to establish budget capacity to carry out the work within the current financial year.  Subject to funding, construction is anticipated to be completed by June 2016.  Actual timing will depend on contractor availability and the onset of wet weather.

Alston Road Renewal Community Information Forum Presentation(2662 kb)

Alston Road Concept Design 9 March 2016(782 kb)



For some time now, Council has been working on improvements to the road and drainage of Alston Road at Blakiston.  Council acknowledges the concerns regarding Alston Road, raised by the community during consultation on the Littlehampton & Blakiston Plan and via receipt of a petition at the 19 October 2015 Council meeting. 

Council is committed to maintaining roads in good condition and in September 2014 adopted a methodology for prioritising minor road and traffic capital upgrades.  Subsequently the 2015/16 financial year was the first year of the program which included Alston Road as a priority.  Engineering survey and concept design was commissioned in July 2015 and work continues to develop an environmentally sensitive design improvement to the road. 

At this stage, the design includes widening of Alston Road to provide two sealed full width lanes with compacted rubble shoulders suitable for pedestrian and cyclist use.  The proposed design also includes management of stormwater to direct flow away from the road surface.  

During February, the design outline will be pegged out.  This is the next step in the process, allowing officers to review and adjust the design if required to minimise any vegetation and tree removals and ensure the design works in the physical environment. 

Once this has been completed, an information meeting will be held on site for the community to view the plans before the design is finalised.  Advice of this meeting will be provided by further correspondence and advertising in The Courier. 

Once the design phase and community consultation is complete, final design and documentation will be prepared and processes for construction will commence.  Construction is anticipated to be undertaken by June 2016 subject to the cost of the final design falling within the available budgets.  Actual timing will depend on contractor availability and the onset of wet weather.