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Anembo Park Lighting

Anembo Park Lighting Officially Opened

On Monday 11 April 2011, the Hon. Tom Kenyon MP, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing officially opened the Anembo Park Lighting Project. 

The community celebrated this valuable addition to Anembo Park having the opportunity to view local sporting clubs utilising the facilities under the new lighting and enjoying a free sausage sizzle.

This project has been completed on schedule and at a cost of just under $900,000.  The provision of sports and roadway lighting at Anembo Park will have significant benefits not only to the many sporting groups which operate out of the park but also the wider community.

Anembo Park 30

Lighting Installation and ETSA Utilities supply commissioning 
was completed at the end of March 2011.   

Works Undertaken include: 

  • Roadway, Soccer, Tennis and Softball light pole footing installation.
  • Placement of Tennis, Soccer, Softball and Roadway light poles and fittings including lamp positioning.
  • Distribution and switch board installations completed.
  • New infrastructure into the park including the Princes Hwy under road crossing has been completed with conduits and transformer installed and commissioned.


 Anembo Park Lighting 28 Anembo Park Lighting 29  Anembo Park Lighting 22

Anembo Park Lighting 26 Anembo Park Lighting 23 Anembo Park Lighting 25 

Anembo Park Lighting 18 Anembo Park Lighting 24 Anembo Park Lighting 19

Anembo Park Lighting 20 Anembo Park Lighting 21 Anembo Park Lighting 14

Anembo Park Lighting 15 Anembo Park Lighting 16 Anembo Park Lighting 17

Anembo Park Lighting 13 Anembo Park Lighting 12 Anembo Park Lighting 11

Anembo Park Lighting 10 Anembo Park Lighting 9 Anembo 7

Anembo Park Lighting 1 Anembo Park Lighting 2 Anembo Park Lighting 3

Anembo Park Lighting 4

Detailed design work has now been completed and tenders called.  At the Council meeting held on 6 September 2010, Tender 2010.012 Anembo Park Lighting was awarded to P.R.A. Electrical Pty Ltd for the sum of $721,800.00 (ex GST). 

Concept design and user group consultations in conjunction with APSRA were held in 2010, including discussions with relevant state and national sporting organisations to confirm the lighting project design scope.

A Grant from the Office for Recreation and Sport was also secured in 2009 to contribute to the Anembo Park Sports Lighting Project.  

In August 2008 Council CEO Andrew Stuart informed the Anembo Park Sport and Recreation Association (APSRA) that Council would make provision for $2.0 million in its Long Term Financial Plan 2008 - 2018, distributed over a ten year period. This was named the Anembo Park Development Fund.