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Bald Hills Road Re-Construction Stage 3B

Upgrade Complete

November 2014

The upgrading of Bald Hills Road from Hartman Road to Old Princes Highway is complete.  

Construction of the new freeway interchange at Bald Hills Road and roundabout at Old Princes Highway and Bald Hills Road will commence in December 2014.


Pavement Construction 

1 October 2014

Construction works re-commenced on Bald Hills Road earlier this week, after the project was postponed in August pending a suitable break in the wet weather for pavement construction.

The original road pavement was removed on Monday and Tuesday this week, and Council has received a number of calls from drivers and residents regarding the condition and safety of the road overnight on Tuesday night.

Council are aware of the issues, and are currently working closely with the Contractor to ensure that the road is kept in a satisfactory, safe, condition overnight and during the works in the daytime.

The Contractor is aiming to complete the pavement work, including asphalt, during the week of 6th October 2014, subject to favourable weather.

Until the project is completed, some delays and disruption can be expected, and drivers should use alternate routes where possible.


Works Recommence

25 September 2014

The contractor has advised that the remaining works to complete the road reconstruction including laying of asphalt will recommence on 29 September and be completed by mid October. 

Traffic management will be in place, but motorists are advised to seek alternative routes to avoid delays.


On Hold

August 2014

Works to prepare the road for reconstruction has been undertaken.  Further works require an 8-10 day period of dry weather otherwise a significantly poorer quality outcome will be achieved.  Further works are no on hold until mid-September.


Asphalt Works

16 July 2014

Profiling and asphalt works will commence as soon as there is a forecast for consecutive dry weather and are expected to take approximately seven days.  During these works, the road will be restricted to one lane. Traffic control will be in place to manage waiting traffic volumes.  Delays should be expected and motorists are encouraged to use alternative routes.


Contractor to Commence

April 2014

Council has contracted Beltrame Civil Pty Ltd to carry out the reconstruction of Bald Hills Road, between Davison Road and approximately 80m short of Old Princes Highway.  The junction of Bald Hills Road and Old Princes Highway is not included in the Stage 3B works at this junction is under the care and control of the State Government.

Activity on site will begin in the coming weeks and completion of the project is expected by early July, subject to weather and any unforeseen circumstances. 

This stage of work is the last stage of the Bald Hills Road Upgrade project and the construction will comprise:
- alignment improvements,
- road widening and reconstruction of the road pavement,
- guardrail installation and
- improvements to stormwater drainage. 

Location Plan for Stage 3A and 3B Bald Hills Road(779 kb)

The project objectives are to improve safety, access and amenity. 

By necessity, the construction work will result in delays and unavoidable inconvenience at time.