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Bald Hills Road Stage 1 Springs Road to Yaktanga Way

Works are largely complete with minor works comprising stormwater drainage and pipe valve modifications and reinstatement.

Works Undertaken

  • Linemarking
  • Asphalt wearing course and pavement layers
  • Major stormwater RCBC crossing and headwall installation
  • DICL water pipeline installed and commissioned
  • Reclaimed water pipe laying
  • Existing asphalt profiling all sections
  • Burnbank Way electrical trench crossing
  • 450 x 300 RCBC stormwater crossings installed
  • Retaining wall installation and backfilling

Bald Hills Road 21 Bald Hills Road 22 Bald Hills Road 17

Bald Hills Road 18 Bald Hills Road 19 Bald Hills Road 16

Bald Hills Road 17 Bald Hills Road 18 Bald Hills 15

 Bald Hills Road 14 Bald Hills 13 Bald Hills Road 11

Bald Hills Road 12 Bald Hills Road 13 Bald Hills Road 8

Bald Hills Road 9 Bald Hills Road 10 Bald Hills Road 7


At the meeting of 7 June 2010, the Council awarded the construction contract to Watpac Civil Infrastructure for construction to commence in August 2010.  This construction will deliver a widened and safer road between Yaktanga Way and Springs Road with construction occurring from August through to December 2010.

Detailed designs for the section of road between Yaktanga Way and Springs Road were commissioned in September 2009. The scope of works between Yaktanga Way and Springs was amended during the tender period to include construction of a section of treated wastewater pipeline.

Soon after the approval of the Concept Designs by Council, application for grant funding from the Special Local Roads Program were sought for Stage 1 of the project implementation.  Advice of the success in securing this important grant funded was received in September 2009.  The following information report to Council in October 2009 summarises this funding success.

> Bald Hills Road Upgrade Council Report 6 Oct 2009 (32kb)


By February 2009, based on both engineering design requirements together with the feedback received though our consultation processes, Concept Designs for the upgrade had been prepared.  The relevant media releases, Council report and Council approved concept plans can be viewed through the following links:

> Bald Hills Road Upgrade Media Release Feb 09 (46kb) 

> Bald Hills Road Upgrade Agenda Item Feb 09 (575kb)

> Bald Hills Road Upgrade Plans Feb 09 (1MB)


Recognising the importance of Bald Hills Road as a district linkage and future connection to a future freeway interchange, Council has embarked upon the planning for upgrades to the road. 

> Bald Hills Road Detailed Design General Arrangement 1 (335kb)

> Bald Hills Road Detailed Design General Arrangement 2 (287kb)


Links to the associated media releases are provided below:

> Bald Hills Road Upgrade Work Program (499kb)

> Bald Hills Rd Upgrade Media Release 11Nov08 (111kb)

> Bald Hills Rd Upgrade Media Release 01Dec08 (57kb)


Other projects associated with Bald Hills Road that are underway include:

  • Construction of the new Springs Road/Bald Hills Road roundabout - subject to funding and securing all required land acquisitions.
  • Detailed Design of the road between Springs and Hartman Roads.

Bald Hills Road / Princes Highway

In addition to the above, in relation to the junction of Bald Hills Road and Princes Highway, Council is working with DTEI to identify appropriate measures which could improve the safety of the junction.