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Hahndorf Pedestrian Crossings

The Hahndorf main street is a very busy precinct for pedestrians especially on weekends, public holidays and in school holidays.

For some considerable time the Council and the Hahndorf community have been seeking improved pedestrian crossing facilities in the main street.  Council and DPTI have cost shared investigations aimed at better understanding where pedestrians are seeking to cross the road the most.

Crossings Complete

November 2014

The two raised zebra crossings are now complete together with a reduced speed zone of 40 kph for the length of the street between the crossings making for a much safer environment for all road users. 


Work Progressing

8 July 2014

Due to bad weather, work is now expected to be complete by mid July with night works continuing during this time.

After initially considering completing one crossing before moving onto the second, DPTI decided during construction that it would be more efficient to undertake both crossings simultaneously. 

The kerbing is being constructed and pruning of trees (and removal of two small trees) has occurred in preparation for the light poles installation. Asphalt, paving and line marking will follow these actions.  Changes to line makring for parking will also be made.


Construction to Commence

13 June 2014

DPTI have advised that Option 1 , two crossings and reduction of the speed limit to 40km/h is the preferred option following community consultation.

DPTI's contractor will commence construction of the pedestrian crossings in Hahndorf Sunday night, 15 June.  Majority of works will be undertaken at night to minimise disruption to businesses and residents during the day when it is at its busiest, but some will need to be done during the day. DPTI are expecting completion by end of July subject to weather.


Community Engagement

May 2014

MFY Traffic Engineers conducted a detailed pedestrian count and pedestrian safety assessment of the main street which showed that there was a concentration of pedestrian movements towards each end of the commercial section of the street where, presumably, many visitors cross the road to then explore shops and attractions on the other side of the road.

DPTI are currently undertaking community engagement on the proposal.

Hahndorf Pedestrian Crossings Proposal(546 kb)

Submissions should be made by COB Friday 6 June 2014.