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Linear Trail Extension

The Laratinga Linear Trail will take people on a journey of discovery as it ultimately winds from township to township within the district. It will promote the ambience of the hills whilst providing a major tourist and recreational destination.

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August 2012

The next stage of the Laratinga Linear Trail has been approved by Council for construction.

This section of trail continues from the present end point of the existing trail in Cornerstone College. It will traverse the College grounds, winding past the Purtinga Wetlands area, then under the currently disused SteamRanger rail line. The trail will then ascend though an area next to the Freeway reserve and finish near the current DPTI freeway underpass at Childs Road.

Linear Trail State 3 Location Plan

Due to the steep terrain in this area, the trail will be classified as a Class 2 trail under the State Government's Sustainable Recreational Trails Guidelines for the Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Recreational Trails in South Australia. The surface will be asphalt and the trail corridor will be landscaped after completion of the works.  Overhead lighting will also be installed.

The contractor has advised works are scheduled to commence at the end of September 2012 and are expected to be complete in January 2012. This is subject to weather and any un-foreseen issues.

As a safety precaution, while the rail underpass is being constructed, the Rail Tunnel will be closed to all users.