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Little Dublin Road (West) Closure

Outcome of recent consultation regarding the proposal to close a portion of Little Dublin Road (West)

Council recently undertook a consultation process regarding the proposal to reinstate the closure of a portion of Little Dublin Road due to safety concerns and the results of a Road Safety Audit undertaken in 2009.

Several key issues were identified as part of the consultation process. These are extracts from the report that went to Council:

  • A higher proportion of residents were in favour of the road closure, particularly those most directly affected by the closure.
  • The main issues of concern for those against the closure was either the loss of what is perceived to be a secondary Emergency Exit route from the area or that they had a preference for an alternative solution.
  • Additional safety issues or 'knock-on' traffic concerns were raised with sight distances for traffic using the Compson Road/Old Princes Highway junction being the most prominent.
  • A number of respondents suggested making Little Dublin Road either one way or partially one way.  This has been considered but deemed impractical and not able to resolve a) the current safety risks associated with the steep climb, b) the total lack of sight distance incurred by the sharp crest and c) the difficulty in ensuring compliance with the one-way direction.

The following recommendations were presented to and endorsed by Council at the meeting on the 19 September 2011.


That Council:

1.   Note the attached report on the outcomes of the community consultation process.

2.   Close an 85m section of road to through motor vehicles running west from the western edge of the driveway access to Number 36 Little Dublin Road (Gosling) via the use of a set of two locked gates at each end of the closure in accordance with the relevant Traffic Control Device Code, and with adjacent bollards for pedestrian and bicycle access .

3.   Liaise with emergency services in relation to establishing emergency protocols that ensure they are aware of the locked gates and that they can be unlocked for emergency access.

4.   Endorses the undertaking of an independent Road Safety Audit of the Compson Road junction with the Old Princes Highway together with a review of the level of service provided by both Compson and Alston Roads.

5. Note that the outcomes of the road safety audit and service level review are reported back to Council prior to there being follow-up consultation with the community consulted on the outcome of investigations of Compson and Alton Roads.

Please note that Recommendations 3, 4 and 5 were included as a result of issues raised during the consultation process. A full copy of the report is available on the Council Meetings page, Agenda for 19 September 2011.

In liaison with the CFS, Council will be installing gates with a universal key used by the CFS and Council, the same as for other gates within the Mount Barker District. It is also recommended that you update your bushfire plan to reflect the advice of the CFS. Contact Council should you wish to receive additional information regarding bushfire action plans.

Advance notice signage will be installed in the near future to advise of the impending road closure, but it is anticipated that the works will commence by November 2011. Additional signage will also be installed once the works are completed.


Little Dublin Road (west) is a low traffic volume, unsealed road running between Bald Hills Road and Henry Road.  Council has been investigating safety concerns on this section of Little Dublin Road.

> Little Dublin Road West Council Report 21 Feb 2011 (7MB)

A Road Safety Audit was commissioned to be undertaken by Murray F Young and Associates.  The Council meeting held on 19 October 2009 received the report and recommendations.  These can be viewed via the following links:

> Little Dublin Road Council Report 19 Oct 2009 (24kb)

> Little Dublin Road Safety Audit Report (885kb)

A further report was commissioned from Murray F Young and Associates to advise on potential options to address the safety issues identified.