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Littlehampton Sewer Upgrade - Stage 4 & 5

Stage 4 & 5

February 2019

Construction on the final stage of the Littlehampton Effluent Gravity Main will recommence on Monday the 18 February 2019 following a pause in construction from mid-January to facilitate re-design work on the final section of the gravity main.

In particular, Council has reviewed its design on the section of pipe from the Foodland shopping complex to the laneway east of Foodland to minimise the impact of construction on local residents, in particular those residents on Benjamin Gray Drive and Princes Highway where the existing main passes through the rear of their properties.

In order to avoid upgrading a section of existing rear-of-allotment sewer main between Benjamin Gray Drive and Princes Highway which would have been very disruptive and taken several weeks, the re-design requires the installation of a new manhole on Benjamin Gray Drive adjacent to the laneway that connects Benjamin Gray Drive and Princes Highway. To facilitate the installation of this manhole Benjamin Gray Drive will be closed to through traffic for approximately 2-3 weeks, during this time properties in Benjamin Gray Drive & Garwood Court on the eastern side of the laneway will need to exit onto Princes Highway via Gumtree Drive. Those on the western side of Benjamin Gray Drive will need to exit onto Princes Hwy via Junction Road. Council’s contractor SADB will be endeavouring to fast track these works in an effort to open up Benjamin Gray Drive as early as is possible.

The project is now planned to be completed by April 2019.

December 2018

Due to extremely hard rock, ground water, asbestos issues at Coppins Rd and the weather, significant delays in construction have been experienced.  Work has now recommenced on installing a section of the new pipe from Junction Rd to the left hand side of the Foodland loading dock. This requires an area on the left hand side of the service station to be a flagged off while the pipe is being installed (see attached plan).

Littlehampton Sewer Install Plan Meils Park(436 kb)

The following is a breakdown of the current timing of these works:

  • Wednesday 5 December (afternoon) - Install flagging from the Peace Memorial Hall across the Miels Park carpark to the boundary of OTR. This is in preparation for the delivery of the pipe and to provide an area for the welding of the pipe.
  • Thursday 6 December – Pipe welding in the Miels Park carpark.
  • Friday 7 December – Complete pipe welding in the Miels Park carpark and extend the flagging through the left hand side of the OTR to accommodate the welded pipe.
  • Saturday 8 December – Install the pipe. As the pipe is being pulled into the hole the flagging will be removed as the pipe moves, it is anticipated that the installation of the pipe will take 2-3hrs.

Temporary 10min parking signs to allow OTR /Post Office customers to park will be in place.

Pedestrian access will be maintained to the Post Office Boxes and vehicle access will be maintained to the pumps for OTR customer at all times.

Traffic controllers on site to assist with directing traffic and pedestrians to OTR and Foodland and to ensure everyone’s safety during the installation.

October 2018

Work will be commencing the week of 2 September 2018 on the treatment of the asbestos found in the area.  Once this is complete, work will recommence to facilitate the completion of the pipe work in this area.

July 2018

Stages 4 and 5 of the upgrade works commenced in December 2017 with an anticipated project completion of April/May 2018.

Whilst construction of this project is around two-thirds complete it is now anticipated that works will not be finalised until October 2018.

The delay in completion is due to a number of factors, including the discovery of contaminants in the excavated soil, harder than expected rock along the pipeline route and unfavourable weather conditions.

Council apologises for any inconvenience that this delay has caused and is working with its contractors, SADB, to complete works as expediently as possible.

May 2018

The Littlehampton Effluent Gravity Trunk Main Upgrade Stages 4&5 was due for completion in May 2018, but due to excessively hard rock, rain events and the high water table in Benjamin Gray Drive, the project has experienced delays to the anticipated completion date.

Council’s contractor SADB has applied extensive resources in an effort to speed up construction of the effluent trunk main and has made good progress in difficult conditions, however the project completion date is now anticipated to be July-August 2018 for the main construction works with final site rehabilitation likely to be after winter 2018.

The current traffic control in Junction Road and Benjamin Gray Drive is anticipated to be in place till June 2018.

Council and SADB would like to take this opportunity to thank residents and road users for their patience and understanding during the construction of this significant effluent pipeline. Both Council and SADB are committed to providing this upgrade to the highest quality with the minimum of disruption during construction.

Please feel free to contact Council’s Project Manager Damian Lethbridge on 0458 000 554 should you require additional information or if you have any questions about the project.

January 2018

As part of Mount Barker District Council’s Capital Works Program, Council has issued a contract to South Australian Directional Boring (SADB) for the construction of the Littlehampton Effluent Gravity Main Upgrade Stages 4 & 5.

These works are essential to cater for existing and future effluent flows.  Additionally the upsizing will ensure there is adequate capacity in the mains to minimise the risk of overloading during rain events due to stormwater intrusion.

Construction works commenced in late November 2017 with an anticipated completion date of April 2018.

Construction will involve the installation of new effluent gravity mains from Cleggett Rd via the Steam Ranger Rail corridor to Junction Road. The new main will split into two directions at Junction Road, one travelling north up Junction Road, right into Benjamin Gray Drive (mostly via the road reserve along Benjamin Gray Drive) then into Garwood Court ending in the reserve at the rear of Garwood Court.  The second run will travel south down Junction Road before turning east passing through properties on Junction Road and the rear of properties along the northern side of  Princes Highway, terminating out on Princes Highway adjacent to the lane way from Benjamin Gray Drive.

The bulk of the installation work will be done via directional boring to minimise the disruption to residents and the surrounding area.  This method of installation involves the digging of a hole at either end of the section of pipe to be installed, then horizontally drilling between the two holes before pulling in the new pipe.

SADB will be contacting the owners of properties that the new pipe will be passing through to explain the extent of the work on their property and to make all the necessary arrangements for access.  The new pipe will be installed in existing easements to Council replacing the existing pipe that is located in these easements.  The method of installation will also involve paint marks and survey pegs used to track the drill head underground and for the most part property owners will see very little signs of disruption.

There will be traffic restrictions in place during the project to protect the safety of residents and SADB’s employees.  The work will be performed as quickly as possible and road users are acked to co-operate with the relevant signage and patience during this time.

May 2017

Design work has been underway for Stages 4 and 5 of the upgrade program with tenders currently being called for construction of these stages.

During the tender process, contractors may require access to properties along the route in order to price the required works to respond to the tender. Contractors have been advised to make themselves known to residents of any property they wish to look at prior to entering the property and will do this via a door knock.  If residents are not home at the time and access is possible ie; no dogs etc they will enter to look at what relates to the project only and leave the property the way they found it. If the property is locked or you have pets etc contact details will be left and an appointment can be made at a later date. Access to the inside of dwellings or outbuildings is not required.

This upgrade is vital to ensure that the sewer infrastructure servicing Littlehampton is able to collect the volume of waste generated by the township now and well into the future, ensuring the health and safety of residents and the local environment.

March 2017

In preparation for stages 4 and 5, survey work for the design of the section from Cleggett Road to Benjamin Gray Drive has been commissioned and will be undertaken in March/Apri 2017. You may notice paint marks and survey pegs in various places along this section of the sewer network and the surveyors may need access to some properties.

Stage 3

February to June 2016

Stage 3, to commence in February 2016, will replace the sewer main from Anembo Park through Willow Park and the Steam Ranger rail corridor to Cleggett Road Littlehampton.  The work will be undertaken using the directional boring method, meaning fewer disturbances to the surrounding environment.  There will be no disruption to current sewer service during this time.

Council’s contractor has indicated completion by June 2016 subject to favourable conditions.

The cost of this stage is $545,000.

Previous Stages

Stage 1, completed in 2014, replaced two creek crossover pipes and installed siphons and Stage 2 completed in 2015, installed a larger capacity gravity trunk main from the Model Car Club at Anembo Park, under the freeway to the rear of Cornerstone College.

> Information about these stages is available here