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Meadows Non-Potable and Recycled Water Upgrade

Meadows township has no mains water and is reliant on rainwater and bores.  Council provides non-potable water to 45 private homes, commercial and educational premises, the ovals & bowling greens from 3 existing township bores.
The Non-potable water supply (NPWS) is a Council led initiative as a result of the wastewater treatment plant upgrade required by developers and will provide recycled water to the township.
A survey was undertaken of 55 property owners in September 2012.  The results showed bore water is used for multiple purposes beyond permitted uses for recycled water e.g. laundry, showers etc.  SA Health prevents irrigation with recycled water within 50m of any existing bore and has stringent requirements for internal plumbing.
The Outcome
Existing customers will remain on Council bore supply delivered as a non-drinking supply and the existing network comprising galvanised iron and black poly pipes will remain.  Reduced groundwater use should lead to improved water quality and sustainability of existing resource
The Project
Recycled water will be provided to the Devine development, ovals & bowling greens.  Devine have commenced their new network of purple pipes for recycled water.
Council have now awarded the contract for construction of new recycled water mains to ovals and bowling greens to CAMCO, and works will be undertaken October to December.
Construction Complete
Construction of the non potable water supply upgrade was completed in December 2013