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Nairne Main Street Footpath and Landscaping Upgrade Stage 1

What’s Happening

Council is commencing the first stage of works to upgrade Nairne’s mainstreet. This work will include new kerbing and drainage, paved footpaths, new street trees, street furniture and ground level landscaping.


Where is Occurring?

The first stage of these works will occur on the northern side of Nairne’s mainstreet from the Monte Bello Pizza Takeway (65 Old Princes Hwy) to the western side of the United Service Station (91 Old Princes Hwy) Nairne.


Why is it Happening?

Presently there is drainage and access issues along this portion of the of the mainstreet and the pedestrian areas have deteriorated. Council would like to improve the quality and accessibility of the mainstreet in a view to making the street more usable and a more inviting and attractive destination for residents and visitors which will support the further economic development of the town.


What’s Happening with the Street Trees?

Nine (9) of the main street’s sixty (60) Gladitisa trees are proposed to be removed and replaced with eleven (11) new trees as part of this work and for the reasons outlined below:

  • The existing trees have overgrown and exposed tree roots which have now risen above the footpath level and these roots will continue to damage any new footpath, kerbing and private property if not removed;
  • The existing trees have previously been damaged when lopped for clearance to overhead powerlines.
  • With the undergrounding of the powerlines, there is now an opportunity to plant a trees capable of reaching a height that will provide greater shade and using a method of planting that prevents any on-going damage to footpath, curbing and private property;
  • There are nine (9) Lipstick Maples, one (1) Hybrid Plane and one (1) Dutch Elm proposed to be planted in accordance with arborist and landscape architect’s advice;
  • The Gleditsia trees will continue to be a prominent tree within the street, there is no plan to undertake a wholesale removal of the remaining trees along the street;
  • The larger new trees in this location will create interest and shade for this part of the main street and will encourage increased activity along the street.


When will it Happen?

Work will commence Wed 21 February 2018 and be rolled out as follows:

  • Removal of the nine street trees, installation of kerbing and drainage (March – Mid May 2018);
  • Removal of existing footpath and installation of new paving (May – Mid June 2018);
  • Installation of new street trees, landscaping and street furniture (June 2018)

Nairne Main Street Footpath and Landscape Drawings(1726 kb)


Nairne Main Street Master Plan

Council has previously completed community consultation on the Nairne Main Street Master Plan which can be found here: