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North Railway Terrace Drainage Works

Heavy rainfalls and winter rain has accentuated localized flooding issues along North Railway Terrace and the section of creek that runs through the allotments on the northern side of North Railway Terrace.

Council undertook a number of interim measures including:

  • construction of a temporary levee bank to further control the flow along the southern side of the railway line
  • attended to emergency calls from residents regarding stormwater along North Railway Terrace with Council Officers observing that a contributing factor to the flooding is obstructions across the creek within private land. This was highlighted to the land owners and referred to the SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board as the responsible authority for dealing with water courses/creeks. The Board approached landowners to carry out required remedial actions.
  • reduced the outlet on the stormwater detention basin upstream of Parr Street from the original 450mm diameter pipe to 300mm to reduce the flow rate to the creek.
  • restored an open drain along the southern side of North Railway Terrace .

Council appointed Greenhill Engineers to conduct a review of the drainage in the area of North Railway Terrace and assess what would be required to provide a 1 in 100 ARI (average recurrence interval) level of flood protection for the area and to produce initial concept designs. Detailed designs were prepared for the construction of a stormwater pipeline along North Railway Terrace from the detention basin on Parr Street to connect with another drainage system on the eastern side of Woodside Road.

Tenders were called and Council has awarded the works to Eichler Earthmovers of Mannum. Council's contractor has indicated that work will commence on this project during November 2011. Timing will be dependent on the contractor completing a current project.

There will be some inconvenience to residents along North Railway Terrace but the contractors will try to keep this to a minimum.

There are some SA Water and Telstra infrastructure in several locations that require alteration before the drainage pipes can be laid. These works may commence prior to, or unison with the main drainage works.

The scope of works includes sealing of a section of North Railway Terrace from Elizabeth Street to Parr Street.

Eichler Earthmovers has indicated that they anticipate having the North Railway Terrace Drainage Project completed within two months of commencement. 

December 2011 Update - The project has now been completed.