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Old Princes Highway Littlehampton Footpath Works

The 2017/18 Mount Barker District Council Footpath Replacement Program includes the installation of a paved footpath, using Littlehampton Clay Brick Pavers, along the northern side of North Terrace, Littlehampton from east of Cleggett Road to Coppins Lane.  This follows on from the section completed in late 2015 from the Railway Line at Willow Park to Cleggett Road.

The alignment and width will follow the current asphalt path. Driveway cross overs from the kerb to the property boundary will be paved except where they are currently constructed of brick paving or concrete in good condition. 

To facilitate construction, trees and shrubs will be trimmed back to property boundaries commencing the week of 12 March 2018.

The footpath contractor is scheduled to commence the week of 19 March and expected to be complete by mid May, subject to favourable weather and no unforeseen circumstances. Work will commence at Coppins  Road and move progressively towards Cleggett Road. 

There will be some inconvenience regarding access whilst footpath and driveway construction is being carried out.  All endeavours will be taken to keep the disruption to residents and properties at a minimum.

Should you require further information or have any special circumstances that Council should be aware of during this period, please contact Council’s Project Manager, Mr Ian Powell, on telephone 0408 970 966 or via email