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Sewer Replacement Hill Street Mount Barker

The Mount Barker District Council owns and operates a Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS) collecting wastewater from individual properties via a gravity pipe network for treatment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Council is committed to maintaining the CWMS network in good condition to meet regulatory requirements.  Accordingly a yearly maintenance/renewal program has been established to reduce the risk of blockages, any overflows to the local environment and provide an efficient service to properties.


Stage 1 Complete

17 February 2016

Work has proceeded slightly ahead of schedule with Stage 1 now complete.  Stage 2 will be included in the propsed Budget and Annual Business Plan for 2016/17. 


Condition Assessment

December 2015

A condition assessment was recently completed on the effluent gravity main that services properties in Manor Crescent, Kavanagh Street, Bell Court, Adelaide Road and Hill Street.  The assessment revealed that the section of pipe from Hill Street through to Kavanagh Street requires replacement. 

Some minor realignment to facilitate installation and an overall improvement in the network will be incorporated into the construction.  This will result in the pipe being moved out of some properties and into others.

Work Program

The replacement will be staged over two years with the section from Hill Street to the reserve being completed in 2015/16 and the section from the reserve to Kavanagh Street proposed for 2016/17.

In preparation, removal of a tree on Hill Street and vegetation trimming at the back of properties adjoining the creekline will be undertaken during the week of 14 December. This will be followed by survey work prior to the end of December.  Construction work will commence the week of 7 January 2016 and is scheduled to be complete by end of February 2016.

The method of construction for the majority of the installation will be directional drilling.  This means there will be minimal disruption to the landscape of the properties the pipe travels through.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks connected to the section of pipe being replaced will be disconnected and reconnected to the new pipe.  Septic tanks connected to this main will be emptied at key times during construction to control flows while work is being performed.  Council will arrange for the septic tanks to be exposed and the lids lifted and replaced.  Property owners will be advised prior to this taking place and all reasonable steps will be taken to accommodate access issues. 


It is expected that Hill Street at Adelaide Road will be temporarily closed to traffic during construction.  Access to properties will be maintained via detours.  Please observe all signage in place during this time for the safety of workers and road users.