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Sydney/Pyrites Roads Junction Upgrade

The junction of Sydney and Pyrites Road at Nairne is currently aligned as a "Y"-junction where the intersection of the roads occur on the low side of a crest with associated poor sight distance on the through road (Sydney Road).

The junction represents a potentially high speed rural junction of potentially dangerous conditions with respect to sight lines and the associated chance of collision. Concept designs for improvements were carried out for the site with the objective of bidding for Blackspot funding to assist in correcting the road geometry.

In July 2011, Council was advised of its' success in being granted $205,000 in Blackspot funding towards the construction project to improve the junction.

> Sydney Pyrites Council Report 5 Sep 2011 (6MB)


Council's contractor, Beltrame Civil, commenced construction in October 2011 and is expected to be completed within 3 months.  Traffic management has been put in place although road users can expect delays during construction.  

Sydney Pyrites 1 Sydney Pyrites 2 Sydney Pyrites 3


December 2011 Update

This project is now complete.