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Treated Wastewater Pipeline Mt Barker to Callington

The treated wastewater pipeline runs from the storage dam on the corner of Bald Hills Road and Little Dublin Road to the Kanmantoo Mine and subsequently to the town of Callington and has been constructed underground within road reserves and existing rights of way.

Construction of the pipleine from Mount Barker to the Mine and further to Callington is now complete.

Pipeline 7 Pipeline 8 Pipeline 6

Pipeline 2 Pipeline 3 Pipeline 4

Pipeline 1 Pipeline 5

Construction to Commence

Tenders have now been let for the proposed construction of the Mount Barker to Kanmantoo Mine Treated Wastewater Pipeline by Hillgrove Resources.  The tender for the Mine to Callington section is due to be let shortly as per the Council resolution.

Construction is expected to commence in November 2010, subject to weather and contract conditions.  The overall construction is expected to take 6 months.

The pipeline will be constructed between the existing Brown Dam in Mt Barker, along Little Dublin Road and Petwood Road to the Hillgrove Resources copper mine at Kanmantoo. From the mine site the pipeline will be extended to Callington Oval along Callington Back Road. The pipeline will be constructed underground for the majority of its length, with limited above ground sections over waterways.

The section of pipeline associated with the mining operation is being funded by Hillgrove Resources and the Callington extension is being funded by State grant funding and Council.

There are expected to be some additional benefits to adjacent landholders, with treated wastewater being available in the longer term, as well as Council being able to water the Callington Oval.  The mine will be a major customer for treated wastewater over the coming years. Water sold to private users will help offset costs of the Mount Barker Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) which is an added benefit to residents.

> Mt Barker to Callington Pipeline Route (4MB)

Council Awards Construction Tender

At the meeting held on 20 September 2010, it was resolved that Council:

1. Awards Tender 2010.001 Callington Pipeline Extension to BJ Jarrad Pty. Ltd. (subject to Hillgrove having awarded their section of the tender and 50% of the Hillgrove section has been constructed) to construct a 200mm pipeline $768,695 (ex GST) comprised of an initial contract sum of $636,564 plus an allowance for rock excavation of $12,000, off takes $50,250 with contingency and project management allowances of $69,881

2. Notes that the awarding of this contract commits the $500,000 grant funds received from the State Government to construct the pipeline extension from the mine to Callington.

3. Authorises an increase to the existing 2010/11 Budget for the Callington Pipeline Extension Project by $103,695 for the larger pipe size.

4. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer or his delegate to execute relevant contract documents for Tender 2010.001 Callington Pipeline Extension.

For the full Council Report and Minutes, please go the Council Meetings page.

Kanmantoo Mine to use Treated Waste Water

The District Council of Mount Barker and Hillgrove Resources have agreed arrangements for the use of treated waste water for the operation of the Kanmantoo Mine.

> Mt Barker to Callington Treated Wastewater Pipeline Council Media Release (23kb)

> Mt Barker to Callington Treated Wastewater Pipeline Hillgrove Resources Media Release (339kb)

> Kanmantoo Mine to use Treated Waste Water Press Release (55kb)