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Waste Water Treatment Plant Mount Barker Upgrades


The existing Mount Barker Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) currently treats septic tank effluent from Mount Barker, Littlehampton, Nairne and sewerage from Brukunga to provide re-use water. There is an ongoing upgrade program for the Mount Barker WWTP to improve wastewater treatment capacity, storage volumes, water quality, re-use options and to supply water to Hillgrove Resources new mining operations at Kanmantoo. $1.7m has been spent on a number of projects in 2010-11 including a new Bald Hills Road Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) at the treated water storage dam site, various pipeline upgrades, improved pumping capabilities and other improvements at the existing WWTP on Springs Road including a new treatment shed. Further background information can be viewed in the presentation. An additional $950,000 is being spent on the completion of these projects in 2011-12.

Mt Barker WWTP Overview Presentation (1MB)


Current status

Works on the various elements of the Mount Barker WWTP Upgrade are progressing well.

One of the major initiatives is the construction of the new Bald Hills Road WWTF which is now operational. This facility further treats re-use water supplied from the existing Mount Barker WWTP in Springs Road by introducing ultra-violet and chlorination disinfection processes. The water is then pumped into the new Mount Barker to Callington Pipeline to support Hillgrove's operations at the mine site or for supply to existing re-use customers in the township and irrigation of the parks and ovals. For further information, see the attached report which was approved by Council at its meeting on 17 January 2011.

Bald Hills Road WWTF Council Report 17 Jan 2011 (1MB)

In addition, construction of a new CMF Shed and Transfer Pump Station at the existing Mount Barker WWTP is now also complete. Partially treated wastewater can now be pumped directly from the existing WWTP to the new WWTF along Bald Hills Road where it will receive tertiary treatment as outlined above. For further information, see the attached report which was approved by Council at its meeting on 21 March 2011.