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Wastewater Treatment Plant Lagoon Cleaning

The water effluent from individual properties’ septic tanks in Mount Baker, Littlehampton and Nairne is collected for treatment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Springs Road, Mount Barker.  The plant purifies the water to a high standard via a series of lagoons and biological treatment processes.  The treated water is then reused for the Laratinga Wetlands, irrigation of crops and vines, the watering of ovals and parks and for mineral processing.

A build-up of sediment in the lagoons (comprising accumulated dead algae and silt) is reducing the capacity at the WWTP and Council has approved a project to remove the sediment under the asset renewal plan.

Sediment will be collected from the bottom of the lagoons at the WWTP and transported in a semi-dry state to Council’s property at Ironstone Range Road, Nairne, where it will be stockpiled to facilitate further drying and subsequent reuse as topsoil for Council projects.

The desludging, dewatering and transport of the sediment from the lagoon will recommence in mid October 2019 and conclude by end January 2020. It is anticipated that approximately six (6) truckloads of dewatered sediment will be delivered to the site per day during this period.

The impact of heavy vehicle movements on the condition of the road surface is recognized and regular monitoring will occur during this time.

WWTP Lagoon Sediment Removal Truck Transport Route(2064 kb)

All processes will be undertaken in accordance with the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) ‘Draft South Australian Bio-Solids Guidelines (2009)’.  No observable odours are expected at the site boundary and all stockpiled materials are non-toxic in nature, with no potential for environmental impact.

Please contact Damian Lethbridge, Wastewater Infrastructure Officer on 8391 7241 or via if you have any queries or require further information.