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Wetlands For Environmental Services Centre - Planting

Planting Continuing

The construction of the Springs Wetland was successfully completed in mid 2015.  Planting is continuing to provide new habitats to support a range of local bird spices, lizards and other creatures that are attracted to a wetland environment.

Access Road Complete

Construction of the access road has now been completed, providing a formed road from Springs Road to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, a rubble road section to the Springs Wetland car park and an asphalt pick up drop/off car park for St Francis de Sales College.

Official Opening

Wetland Opening Advert


The next stages of screen planting (Stage 2, areas S1 – S4) and grassland rehabilitation (Stage 3, areas G1 – G4) will be undertaken from Spring 2015 to Autumn 2016.

Work will commence with weed spraying in spring followed by further preparation in advance of planting and seeding through to Autumn 2016.

Stage 2 involves the introduction of native screen and understorey planting along the southern and western boundaries of the site.

Stage 3 involves the rehabilitation of the existing exotic grasslands with a native grassland to the south of the new wetlands basins.

 ESC Wetlands Planting Plan

The new habitats will support a range of local bird species, lizards and snakes by providing the food and shelter they need.  Once established, these areas will also provide native plant seed for further revegetation projects.

The total project cost of both screen planting (Stage 2) and grasslands (Stage 3) is around $100,000.

Background information on the construction of the wetlands is available:

The wetlands are located off Springs Road, Mount Barker adjacent to the St Francis de Sales school and Council’s Mount Barker Wastewater Treatment Plant.