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Woodside Road Pedestrian Refuge

Nairne/Woodside Road is under the care and control of the State Government.  The Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) manage Woodside Road for the State Government.

The provision of a facility for pedestrians was a requirement of the Developer of the Fox Hill Estate off Matthew Road.    Recently, the developer and DPTI have reached agreement on the design of the facility.  

The pedestrian refuge facility is a concrete island in the middle of the road that assists pedestrians to cross the road – it provides a storage area in the middle of the road so that the road crossing can be undertaken in two stages if required.  The facility will require street lighting.  Two new lights are proposed and these will be LED.  The LED lighting technology allows for the light to be directed where it is needed onto road and the pedestrian facility.   The LED lights have minimal light spill away from the road.  An example of a similar pedestrian refuge as proposed can been seen further towards the Old Princes Highway intersection on the other side of the railway crossing.

The position for the pedestrian refuge is supported by Council as it provides for direct access to the Council reserve across the road.  Council has received requests from the community to improve facilities for pedestrian in this area.  

The current undeveloped area of land adjacent Woodside Road has recently been transferred to Council as reserve. This reserve is for future development and to expand Bythorne Park reserve to meet the demands of a growing community.  No current proposal or timing is known on the future expansion of Bythorne Park.

The plan shows the location of the new pedestrian refuge facility, the new LED lighting locations and the existing driveways.

Woodside Road Pedestrian Refuge(127 kb) 

The pedestrian refuge works will be delivered on behalf of a Developer by a contractor that is currently unknown.   The pedestrian refuge works will be project managed by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.  

Council will undertake new footpath works on either side of the road to link this facility from the reserve to the existing footpath.