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Hawthorn Road Upgrade

Hawthorn Road between Bollen Road and Adelaide Road is a Council road that will in the future see increasing traffic volumes attributable to land development on land west of Flaxley Road.  

In FY18/19 Council’s capital program funds concept designs aimed at identifying what will be needed of Hawthorn Road to accommodate growth related traffic and changing requirements of the road corridor.  An allocation of $15,000 toward concept designs has been provided.

The concept designs will consider:

  • Road geometry and lane widths needed for increased traffic volumes,
  • Suitability of the existing kerbed road (width, sightlines, lighting, lane widths, parking provision) between Adelaide Road and the new Aged Care facility
  • The Bollen Road junction and potential changes to the local network in that area.
  • Drainage needs
  • Parking needs
  • Cycle lane potential
  • Interface with Adelaide Road (care and control DPTI)

Key deliverables from the FY18/19 project will be:

-          Concept designs for Council elected members and community consideration

-          Concept design summary reporting

-          Draft staging plan timeframe

-          Cost estimates

-          Identification of early works that may be deliverable sooner to address immediate needs (eg improved footpaths)


The upgrade of Hawthorn Rd will be staged over a number of years and will be reconsidered for further funding as part of the 2018/19 annual business plan and budget.

In the mean time, Council is committed to maintaining road safety and will monitor and respond to issues relating to road condition, parking, etc.  These can be lodged with our Customer Services team by calling 8391 7200.