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Manhole Restoration Program

The Mount Barker District Council owns and operates Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS) for the townships of Mt Barker, Littlehampton, Nairne, Brukunga (sewer), Echunga, Meadows and Macclesfield.  Each of these systems has a gravity pipe network to deliver the effluent/sewer to the respective treatment facility.  These gravity pipe networks have numerous inspection openings and manholes for maintenance purposes.  Some of the flushing points and manholes are located on or adjacent to private properties.

For a number of years Council has conducted a manhole refurbishment program to ensure these assets are properly maintained.

Over time the manholes which are constructed from concrete are required to be cleaned, repaired and treated to extend the life of these assets.  Failure to do this maintenance work would eventually result in the manholes collapsing which would require extensive costly repairs and substantial excavation on private properties.

Council’s contractor has advised that the 2019/20 program will commence in late October.

The following locations are included in the 2019/20 program:

    • Southern end of Flaxley Rd, Mt Barker
    • 1 Acacia Street, Mt Barker
    • 3 Possingham Drive, Mt Barker
    • Morphett Street & Walker Street, Mt Barker
    • Rear of 8 Mansfield Road, Mt Barker
    • Reserve rear of 13 Light Crescent, Mt Barker
    • Reserve rear of 7 Light Crescent, Mt Barker
    • Rear of 1a Teakle Court, Mt Barker
    • Reserve next to 9a Sawyer Crescent, Mt Barker
    • Rear of 2 Uplands Street, Mt Barker
    • Reserve rear of 15 Light Crescent, Mt Barker
    • Rear of 55 William Street, Littlehampton
    • 11 Diagonal Road , Totness
    • Reserve centre dam northern side of rail corridor, Nairne
    • Rear of 2 Thomas Street, Nairne
    • Southern side of 69 North Road in Plowman Court, Nairne
    • Unmade section of Lower Nixon Street western side of 4-6 , Nairne
    • 122 Princes Highway, Nairne
    • Driveway of 2 Thomas Street, Nairne
    • 102-104 Princes Highway, Nairne
    • Rail corridor rear of 16 Allargue Street, Nairne
    • 21 Hogan Road, Nairne
    • Hanny Cres Reserve north of Pump Station, Nairne
    • 35 Battunga Road, Meadows
    • Rear of 30 Mawson Road, Meadows
    • 128 Princes Highway, Nairne
    • Kennett Street Pump Station, Meadows
    • 19 Battunga Road, Meadows
    • Vernon Street Pump Station, Macclesfield
    • 56 Venables Street, Macclesfield
    • Battunga Road & High Street intersection, Echunga
    • 9 Meadows Road, Echunga
    • 2 Mawson Road, Meadows

Where the manhole is located on private property, the contractor will make contact with the property owner to arrange a suitable time for access.

Please follow any traffic control in place for the safety of workers and all road users and refrain from parking vehicles in the vicinity while work is underway.