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Wellington Road and Victoria Road Roundabout

A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Victoria Road with Wellington Road, Mount Barker.

The developer of Bluestone Mount Barker, the Peet Group, is responsible to fully fund and procure the works.  As the intersection is under the care and control of the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI),  DPTI will be responsible for the project management of the construction.

The Peet Group and DPTI are responsible for advising the community and affected property owners of the works and progress. Any queries can be directed to Peet Developments.

Roundabout Drawing - Wellington Road and Victoria Road

July 2019 Update

Further advise on progress has been received from the developer, Peet Limited.

The construction tender closes the first week of July which will be followed by the review and recommendation to appoint the successful contractor.

There are a number of items to be completed prior to construction commencing including finalising the design and DPTI approvals, property acquisitions to suit the footprint of the works, relocation of some existing services such as SA Power Networks, Telstra, NBN etc.

On completion of these items, construction is expected to commence early in the 2020 calendar year.  The construction period will be approximately 8 weeks subject to good weather and no unforeseen circumstances.

Enquiries contact Matthew Merrigan, Development Manager, Peet Limited on telephone 8100 2300.

May 2019

The developer has advised they are about to tender works for the roundabout.

April 2019

The developer has progressed the detailed design of the junction albeit it slower than anticipated due to delays with external service providers and design reviews.  An Independent Design Verification is expected to be provided within the next fortnight to be followed by final DPTI approval within 4 weeks.  Upon receipt of the IDV certificates, the tender process will commence with the aim to have a contract awarded in June.

The relocation of the services is critical and works to construct the new roundabout cannot commence until completed.  Telstra, NBN and SAPN have all been consulted and the scope of works confirmed, with fee offers still to be received from SAPN and NBN.  SAPN works are experiencing significant delays which will delay the commencement of the roundabout.

February 2019

The Victoria Wellington Roundabout final design has been issued for engineering and DPTI review.

Service relocation work is now being coordinated with SAPN, Telstra & NBN. The service authorities are currently costing this work.  On the ground works will be scheduled once the costings are received and approved.

It is expected the tender will be released in the next month or two when the above is resolved.  A construction programme is expected to be available once tenders have been received.

November 2018

DPTI approval still awaited on the detailed design.  This will be followed by corner cut-off land acquisition.

Revised target timing is to commence late Summer and complete pre Winter 2019.

January 2017

The Developer and DPTI continue to progress the final design and approvals for the roundabout.  Once these have been finalised, any required land purchases will need to be completed before construction can commence.

August 2016

Approval of the final design of the roundabout for this intersection remains to be received from DPTI at this time.  Once approval is received, preliminary works will commence prior to the actual roundabout construction.  Further information will be provided once this project is further advanced.

June 2016

The timing for construction of the roundabout is still unknown as DPTI have requested some changes to the previously agreed concept plans and are currently in discussion with the developer to revise the plans.

January 2016

Design drawings for this roundabout are currently with DPTI for approval.

Construction is proposed following the completion of the Wellington/Albert roundabout.