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Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation

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A significant upgrade of Hahndorf’s historic Main Street was identified as a key priority in 2018 when Council endorsed the Hahndorf Township Plan after extensive community consultation. The need for the upgrade is driven by a number of factors:

  • Ageing, and in places, failing infrastructure including seating, footpaths, kerb and landscaping; and
  • Ever-increasing tourism activity, creating pressure for continued investment to ensure the public realm keeps pace with private investment occurring in the street.

Design and consultation

Concept plans are currently being prepared by an external consultant, Clover Green Space. Council has been engaging with community and trader groups on the initial design and it is expected that broad community consultation on the concept plans will occur mid 2019.

Community feedback will be essential to shape the design plans for the Main Street’s revitalisation. Further information on the consultation process and opportunities for comment will be made available as the project progresses.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Upgraded footpaths
  • New pedestrian lighting
  • New streetscape furniture (including seats, banner signs, public art and bins)
  • Additional landscaping
  • Provision for smart technology (e.g. sensors, WiFi, CCTV and similar).

Council is working with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) on the design of the upgrade (as Mount Barker Road is owned by the Department). The upgrade project will take into account the DPTI study that is currently underway in and around Hahndorf. Council is also working with State Heritage on the design as much of the Main Street is State Heritage Listed.

Heritage considerations

Council is working closely with State Heritage on the design concept as much of the Main Street is State Heritage Listed. Council and State Heritage are committed to ensuring that the revitalisation of the Main Street complements and enhances Hahndorf’s heritage assets. The installation of interpretive signage to better tell the story of Hahndorf’s rich history along the Main Street is also under consideration.

Traffic and parking

Council is working with the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) on the design of the Main Street revitalisation (as Mount Barker Road is owned by the State Government). Traffic and car parking are not a core component of Council’s Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation Project, which is focused on improving the street between the road edge and the adjoining property boundaries. However, Council’s concept plans will take into account the DPTI traffic study that is currently underway for Hahndorf.

The DPTI study will take the lead on investigating traffic management, heavy vehicle issues, pedestrian and cyclist safety and car parking. To find out more about the DPTI traffic study and to sign up for updates and community consultation visit:

Funding the project

Council requires external funding of at least 50% in order to start work on the Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation Project. The preliminary cost estimate for the project is in the order of $6m. As the project progresses through a detailed planning process, a further project cost estimate will be prepared enabling the project budget to be finalised. Council has submitted a number of funding applications to the State and Federal Governments, however, at this stage the project remains unfunded. Council will continue to pursue funding opportunities through the State and Federal Governments as well as through private investment to enable construction of the project.

Council is seeking Your Feedback

Council is now seeking broader community input and feedback to further develop the concept plan available below.

Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation - Consultation Flyer
Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation - Concept for Consultation
Hahndorf Main Street Revitalisation - Fact Sheet

A public consultation period on the draft plan will run from the 26th August to 20th September 2019 and you are invited to provide feedback through the following methods during this period:

  • Printed flyers will be mailed to all Hahndorf residents and property owners and also available at the Hahndorf Post Office and Local Government Centre, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker.
  • View the plan and complete the online form
  • Attend the Consultation Open Day on Saturday 7 September 2019 (9am to 12 midday) on the lawn next to the Hahndorf Academy, 66-70 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf.

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