New Community Facilities

Build Expand

Council Owned Land, Bald Hills Road, Mount Barker

March 2017

The following report was endorsed by Council on the 16th March 2017

Community Facilities Study and Delivery Strategy FINAL(5212 kb)

September 2015

Detailed concept design for the Regional Sporting Facility is available.

Further details can be found on the Regional Sporting Facility page.

December 2012

  • a relocated tourist park
  • restoration and use of the historic stone barns
  • new wetlands
  • new mechanical wastewater treatment plant to enable re-use of treated wastewater on the golf course and proposed sporting facilities
  • relocation of four golf holes
  • child/youth playground and/or skate park
  • possible future school site

The concept uses would need to be staged over many years and all proposals will need to be carefully considered in respect of funding capability.

Draft Plan for Community Facilities December 2012(302 kb)

Further details are available in the Report to Council dated 3 December 2013

November 2012

Concept planning has progressed for the provision of new recreational facilities on a portion of the Council owned land off Bald Hills Road.

Map of Council Owned Land Bald Hills Road(142 kb)

A working draft layout plan for a portion of the site has been prepared by Council with input from representatives of the Mount Barker Football Club.  These draft plans provide opportunity to approach potential funding contributors such as the South Australian National Football League.

Draft Plan for Recreational Facilities Oct 2012(142 kb)

Planning for the balance of the land is also progressing.