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Glebe Land

Activity Update

5 May 2017

Installation of rubble paths – one running the length of the Glebe Land from Fulford Terrace to Old Princess Highway and the other connecting from this main path across to Alston Road have been completed. This will allow all weather access from all boundaries.

Changes to fencing will be complete by the end of May.

Park benches have been ordered and expected to be installed within the next few weeks once received.

The Glebe Land will be maintained at the Category 4 Reserve standard:

  • Undeveloped reserves have a low presentation factor and a visual objective of green in winter, light green in spring and brown in summer
  • Mowing approx four times per year
  • Broad leaf weeds to be sprayed two times per year
  • Trees to be inspected every 60 – 90 days.

Community Consultations

3 April 2017

On 3 April 2017, Council resolved to proceed with two Community Consultations:

Proposed Revocation of Community Land Classification for 2A Fulford Terrace Littlehampton

Littlehampton Development Sites Infrastructure Separate Rates Proposal

Glebe Land

5 December 2016

On 5 December 2016 the Council made some important decisions regarding the Glebe land, which may also have an impact on the Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan, as endorsed in October.

These decisions (in summary) included:

  • committing all of the Glebe land to become ‘Community land’ under the Local Government Act
  • providing public access to the Glebe in approximately 3 months
  • developing only basic infrastructure at the Glebe (eg paths and seating) in the short term
  • preparing a Community Land Management Plan to guide the management of the Glebe land for open space outcomes
  • pursuing a range of options for funding the future open space development at the Glebe, but retaining the Glebe in public ownership (ie not selling any of it to fund the proposed park)
  • investigating the opportunity to sell another reserve to fund the open space development at the Glebe (Fullford Terrace Reserve) including community consultation

These decisions will have some effect on the implementation of the endorsed Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan, as the proposals for the Glebe land and Miels Park will need to be reviewed in light of these decisions. The concept design for the Glebe land may change depending on the outcome of alternative funding options that Council will be pursuing and further consultation on the Community Land Management Plan.

To read the full report provided to Council on the future of the Glebe land, and the Minutes of the meeting visit the Council Meetings page.

4 October 2016

At the Council Meeting on 4 October 2016 Council resolved to:

  1. Endorse the final Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan, exclusive of the proposal to sell between 2.5 – 3 ha of the Glebe land to raise funds for the development of a new open space on the balance of the land.
  2. Reserve decision making on the Glebe land proposals for a period of 8 weeks to enable further investigation into issues surrounding the acquisition of the land.
  3. Note that the Glebe proposals will be presented to Council for its consideration by 5 December 2016

For information on the report and public submissions that were provided as part of the development of the Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan please refer to pages 6 – 132 of the Council Meeting agenda.

Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan

On 4 October 2016 the Council received a report on the consultation results and an amended draft Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan.

The Council resolved to endorse a portion of the Plan. Pages 1 – 33 inclusive were endorsed and have now been adopted by the Council as its guiding document for the area.

Pages 34 – 39 of the amended Plan were not endorsed by the Council. These are the pages that relate to the Glebe land proposals.

Here is the Plan showing the endorsed content as well as content that is still only draft. These pages are marked with a ‘draft’ watermark.

Littlehampton and Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan Endorsed 4 Oct 2016 exc pages 34-39(18711 kb)

June 2016

Consultation on the Draft Littlehampton and Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan was held during June/July 2016.

November 2015

Consultation on the Littlehampton and Blakiston Plan Community Engagement was held during October/November 2015.