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Regional Town Centre

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A commercial and service centre that’s humming with activity, easy to get around, with thriving businesses, excellent services and great urban design.

Minister Approves Regional Town Centre Development Plan Amendment

The Mount Barker District Council – Regional Town Centre DPA has been gazetted and is therefore incorporated into the current Development Plan and had been referred by the Minister for Planning to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee (the Committee (Pursuant to Section 27 of the Development Act 1993)).  The Committee is not a further court or umpire in the process to amend a DPA.  The Committee is a Standing Committee of the South Australian Parliament and its statutory role and function regarding DPAs is that of a final check and balance.  The Committee has an interest in adherence to the requirements of the Development Act, system trends, compliance with overarching state wide plans and corruption.

The Committee welcomes your views or comments on the DPA.

The Development Act provides 28 days for the Committee to make a resolution on the amendment.  The DPA can be found at the Committees webpage; go to and follow the links or downloaded below.  If you wish to provide information to the Committee, your submission should be addressed to the Executive Officer at or contact Philip Frensham, Executive Officer, House of Assembly Committee Office on 8237 9387. This should be done before 9.00am on 16 December 2016.  No response will be regarded as an indication that you do not wish to provide any information relating to the amendment.

The Mount Barker Development Plan was consolidated (incorporating the Regional Town Centre Development Plan Amendment) on the 8th December 2016.

Development Plan 8 December 2016(18401 kb)

Council Approved Regional Town Centre Development Plan Amendment

Council endorsed the Regional Town Centre Development Plan Amendment on the 7th March 2016 to forward to the Minister for Planning for approval. This followed the public and agency consultation, and public meeting. A number of policy changes were made to the Amendment as a result of community submissions. These changes were detailed in the report presented to Council on the 7th March 2016 click here to view

Report on Consultation Being Prepared

The consultation period concluded on 13 July 2015.  A report is now being prepared for the Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee meeting to be held on 10 August 2015.

Copies of all submissions received will be available for inspection by interested persons at the Council Offices, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker until the date of the SPDP Committee Meeting.

The SPDP Meeting Agenda will be available here:


The Development Plan Amendment will be available for public inspection during normal business hours from the 18 May 2015 until the 13 July 2015, at the following locations;

Two Open House Sessions will be held at the Mount Barker Town Hall, Gawler Street:

  • 6 – 8 pm  Tuesday 26 May 2015
  • 2 – 5 pm  Tuesday  9 June 2015


During the consultation period anyone can make a written submission about any of the changes the DPA is proposing.

RTC Submission Form(1483 kb)

All submissions should be sent to;

Submissions should indicate if the interested party wishes to speak at the Strategic Planning and Development Policy (SPDP) Committee Meeting in support of the submission.

Copies of all submissions received will be available for inspection by interested persons at the Council Offices, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker until the date of the SPDP Committee Meeting on the 10th August 2015.

That’s Council’s vision for Mount Barker’s town centre

The Mount Barker District Council is updating its Development Plan to improve the town centre of Mount Barker.

RTC Brochure(2999 kb)

RTC DAP Explanatory Statement(3657 kb)

During 2011-12 Council consulted with the community and business sector on the preparation of the ‘Mount Barker Regional Town Centre Strategy’. An important next step in implementing the Strategy is amending the policies which control and influence future development in the centre.

The policy changes in this Development Plan Amendment (DPA) will affect the existing town centre and some adjacent areas to the north, south and west.


The proposed changes aim to reinforce the Mount Barker town centre as the main retail, business and service centre in the greater Adelaide Hills. The town centre will continue to be a focus for entertainment, leisure, cultural and educational services and facilities for the growing community. Further development of these activities will be achieved through these policy changes.

Council is also promoting more residential development in the centre, including medium and higher density housing, and apartments built above commercial buildings. This will provide housing choice, increase the social vibrancy of the area and support business activity.

Importantly, the DPA seeks to achieve these changes without compromising the positive aspects of the character of the town and in balance with protecting historic buildings.

The Mount Barker town centre is visited by many people for many difference reasons. The consultation on the DPA provides an opportunity for residents, property owners, business operators and visitors to help shape its future.

RTC Fact Sheet 1 Regional Town Centre Zone(423 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 2 Bulky Goods(425 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 3 Business and Retail Policy Area 5 Core(366 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 4 Community Policy Area 6(326 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 5 Main (Gawler) Street Policy Area 7(366 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 6 Open Space and Corridors Policy Area 8(465 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 7 Residential High Density Policy Area 9(463 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 8 Residential Infill Policy Area 10(421 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 9 Mixed Use Policy Area 11(429 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 10 Civic and Office Precinct 1 Southern Core Precinct 2(385 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 11 Overlays 1 Heritage(459 kb)

RTC Fact Sheet 12 Overlays 2 Affordable Housing Noise and Emissions(402 kb)