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Town Centre Review

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Statement of Intent

The Mount Barker Town Centre Strategy was endorsed by Council on 2 April 2012. The Strategy provides a high level strategic direction and a long term  vision for the Town Centre. It sets objectives and associated implementation measures to be achieved over a 30 year period.

The Strategy brings together three key themes and highlights how the Council, the community and other key stakeholders should respond to this change.

The endorsed Mount Barker Town Centre Strategy makes directions which require specific policy change in Council’s Development Plan. These changes are made through a Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

When a DPA is required, Council must reach a formal agreement with the Minister regarding the matters to be considered and the processes to be undertaken when changing the Development Plan.

This agreement is called a Statement of Intent (SOI). The Statement of Intent is effectively a ‘project brief’ which:

    • describes why the DPA is needed and what is being proposed
    • confirms the relevant State Planning Strategy policies that will be addressed through the DPA
    • identifies the link between the proposed DPA and council's Strategic Directions Report
    • identifies the current policies in the Development Plan and related policies that will be considered through the DPA
    • outlines the nature of the investigations and who will be consulted on the DPA
    • outlines the DPA's proposed process and timetable
    • gives assurance that the documentation standards in the DPA will be produced to an acceptable technical standard.

Once the SOI is agreed by Council and the Minister, the DPA process can commence.

Town Cente Statement of Intent(1651 kb)


Town Centre Review 

Recognised as a Regional Centre for the Adelaide Hills, the Mount Barker Town Centre provides a range of commercial, business, retail and entertainment opportunities as well as community, education and health services. 

The Mount Barker District Council is undertaking a community consultation process to provide directions to address current issues in the Town Centre. The Review will result in a Town Centre Strategy that establishes a sound foundation for the future development of the Centre to meet the needs of those who live, work and recreate in the District. 

Council’s vision of a vibrant and well functioning Town Centre recognises the need to address the following challenges: 

  • Further enhance Mount Barker as a regional centre for the Adelaide Hills that provides retail business, entertainment and community services. 
  • Build on the valued elements of historic township character as part of continued growth and renewal. 
  • Promote building design that responds to local heritage and topography. 
  • Consider the ability to revise building height limits. 
  • Provide a range of employment opportunities. 
  • Contribute to creating a stronger sense of place and visual identity. 
  • Public and private spaces that encourage social interaction. 
  • Provide an integrated transport network that supports safe walking and cycling, efficient vehicle movements and adequate carparking. 
  • Consider opportunities for expansion of Town Centre. 
  • Consider the role of the former Council Office site and other Council and Community assets. 
  • Identify opportunities to develop a centre that provides a focus for civic, cultural and community activities.

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Town Centre Review Strategy 

> Town Centre Review Strategy: 16 July 2012


Media Release

> Town Centre Review Strategy: Media Release April 2012

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