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Unsealed Road Resheeting Program 2019/20

The following roads will be resheeted during 2019/20. The works are anticipated to be completed by March 2020.

Back Callington RoadPetwoodfrom Cattle Route Road 1100m East Back Callington Road
Cattle Route RoadPetwoodfrom Summit Road to 1060m East Cattle Route Road
Harvey RoadKuitpoBrookman Road to 760m South Brookman Road
Gladigau RoadHarrogatefrom Mail Road 1093m east Mail Road
The Glen RoadHarrogateHarrogate Road to 600m east Harrogate Road + Wooley Road 520m east Wooley Road
Davis RoadMacclesfieldBanksia Road to 920m North Banksia Road
Wooley RoadHarrogate1168m east Jones Road to 1988m east Jones Road
Black Nursery RoadKuitpoMorris Road 610m west Morris Road
Bald Hill RoadProspect Hillfrom Mt Ephraim Road to 730m south Mt Ephraim Road
Peggy Buxton RoadBrukunga735m east Piney Ridge Road to 1385m Peggy Buxton Road + Nairne Court 390m east Peggy Buxton Road
Bloomingdale RoadHarrogate992m east Taworri Road to School Bus Road
Shady Grove RoadMacclesfieldBroadbent Road to 1172m South Shady Grove Road