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Septic Tank Desludge Program

What is the Septic Tank Desludge Program?

The Septic Tank Desludge Program is the periodical cleaning or desludging of all septic tanks connected to the Council's Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS). This is essential to prevent plumbing maintenance costs associated with blocked drains, both on your property and to Council's infrastructure.

Who pumps out my septic tank?

Council's contractor will pump out your septic tank.

When does it happen?

Every five years. The cost of this service is incorporated into the annual effluent charge included on the rates notice. If the septic tank is not emptied as scheduled, the property owner may be required to engage a contractor at their own cost to empty the tank or repair any blocked drains between scheduled services.

How do I know when the contractor will pump out my septic tank?

You will receive a letter from Council advising when the contractor will be in your area. The letter contains important information about dates and what you need to do, please read this carefully.

What do I need to do?Septic Tank cross section and top view for desludging

  1. Uncover your septic tank hatch lid. The contractor will need access to this to pump it out. Hatch lids are approximately 800mm x 600mm and will require a minimum clearance of 150mm from the edge (refer diagram). Do not remove the hatch lid.
  2. Call 8398 2484 to advise the contractor that your septic tank is ready to be pumped out. This number is included on the letter you received.

What if I'm unable to expose the hatch lid?

You can arrange for this to be done at a cost. Please contact Veolia on 8398 2484.

Where tanks are substantially below ground level, property owners are encouraged to install an approved access shaft and top cover lid to assist in future pump outs.

What else do I need to know?

  • If the tank has an access shaft it is the contractor’s responsibility to remove the top cover lid from the access shaft. Do not remove this lid prior to the service being provided.
  • Exposed septic tanks should be protected with high visibility bunting or similar.
  • During the process of pumping out your septic tank, the use of your water supply may be required.
  • Whist the contractor will take all reasonable care, they will not be held responsible for any unavoidable damage caused through aged, previously damaged septic tanks or to the lids and access shafts