Meadows Non Drinking Water

The non drinking and recycled water project is a Council led initiative as a result of the Meadows Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade to provide recycled water to the Mawson Green and Saxon Hyde sub-divisions.

Wastewater Service and Residential Non Drinking Water Supply Customer Charter(142 kb)


Notice of Supply Interruption

If you have any queries regarding a supply interruption, please contact Damian Lethbridge, Wastewater Technical Officer, on telephone 8391 7241 or email

10 December 2018

Emergency repairs to the bore system will be completed today.  This will result in no water supply during repairs.  It is expected the water supply will not be available for several hours.


29 October 2018 - Meadows Non-Drinking Water Supply (Recycled Water)

Recycled water customers in Mawson Green may experience low pressure due to the supply being switched to bore water due to technical issues with the  recycle water system. Staff are currently working on the issue as a matter of urgency. Further updates will be provided via the website.







Bore Water Supply

Meadows township has no mains water and is reliant on rainwater and bores.  Council provides non drinking water to 45 private homes, commercial and educational premises, the ovals and bowling greens from 3 existing township bores. Existing customers will remain on Council bore supply delivered as a non-drinking supply and the existing network comprising galvanised iron and black poly pipes will remain. 

Bore water should not be used for drinking, food preparation, watering edible plants, filling swimming pools.  More information is available in the Bore Water Uses Flyer and the Wastewater Service and Residential Non Drinking Water Supply Customer Charter.

Bore Water Uses Flyer(27 kb)


Recycled Water

Recycled water from the Meadows Treatment Plant will be provided to the Mawson Green and Saxon Hyde sub-divisions, to each allotment for specific purposes as oulined below:
Meadows Recycled Water Use Fact Sheet


Connecting to Recycled Water

Located at the front boundary of each allotment is a Lilac/Purple coloured Water Meter installed by Council.  This meter is tagged and locked in the off position.

Under the Recycled Water Guidelines and direction from the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) properties are not permitted to connect to the Recycled Water Supply until specific conditions have been met.

Information for Property owners outlining the requirements and permitted uses: 

Information for Property Owners - Meadows Recycled Water(294 kb)


Notification of Connection

The recycled water supply must be connected prior to occupation of a dwelling. 
All plumbing work (both recycled and rainwater) cross connection audits are to be completed and advised to Council by the Builder or Licenced Plumber.
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T 8391 7200