Fire Track Signage Rollout

From 1 October 2018 to 1 December 2018 Council will be installing "Fire Track - Authorised Vehicles Only" signs (as seen below) throughout the district at either end of all Fire Tracks where required.  


Fire Tracks are only meant to be used during the drier months (summer) for access and egress of Emergency Services Vehicles only in the event of an Emergency (Bushfire).  However, these tracks are being used as a shortcut or a thoroughfare, which is not their intended purpose. Fire Tracks are not engineered for general day to day use, due to typography, type of material used in their construction and width which makes it difficult to pass oncoming traffic safely. It is common practice for Councils to restrict access to Fire tracks by installing gates or bollards, however, we are trialing this approach of installing signs, in the hope that this will reduce the need to follow suit.

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