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Staying with Pets on powered or unpowered sites only

Here at Mt Barker Caravan & Tourist Park, we understand and appreciate that many of our guests travel with their pets.

To ensure the safety, protection and enjoyment of everyone in the Park, we ask that you take measures to ensure that there is safe and responsible supervision of your pet at all times whilst on site.

Below is a list of our requirements of pet owners:

  • Pets must not be in the park without manager's consent.
  • Under NO circumstances should a pet be left unattended in the Park.
  • Pets must not be a nuisance or cause distress to other park residents.
  • Pets must be on a lead or tethered at all times within the Park.
  • Pets are to be walked on or around the Oval not within the Park.
  • Pets are not permitted to be in or near Amenities Blocks.
  • Pets are not permitted inside or near Cabins at all.
  • Do not use Park washing machines or dryers or wash tubs for washing either pets or pets bedding.
  • Pet owners must pick up after your pets promptly and dispose of any animal wastes in a plastic bag and dispose of same in the wheelie bins provided throughout the Park. Doggie bags can be found on the bridge behind the Park Office.

If guests chose to ignore these rules, they will be asked to leave the Park immediately 

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