Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017/27

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Mount Barker District Council Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017/27

Mount Barker District Council’s Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017-2027 is one of a suite of strategic documents required by legislation, and created to enable Council to plan and deliver on community aspirations, to manage growth and service and infrastructure levels and standards, without unplanned and disruptive increases in rates or cuts to services.

Council’s future plans take into account population growth doubling as a result of the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide which was implemented in 2010 by the State Government, and resulted in Council producing a very different set of plans for its future.

Council has been innovative in its approach to planning for the future and the delivery of critical new roads, open space and community facilities, by working with developers, schools and the government, to minimise the impact on ratepayers while recognising rates remain Council’s major source of income and a major factor in the long term financial plan.


Council is seeking Your Feedback

Copies of the Long Term Financial Plan will be available during the consultation period on Council’s website and from the Civic Centre 6 Dutton Road Mount Barker and Mount Barker Library Dumas Street Mount Barker.

Council is inviting written submissions from the community on the Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017/2027.

To provide comment on the Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017/2027 you can;

  • provide a written submission to Council to be received no later than 5pm Tuesday 18 July 2017 by email council@mountbarker.sa.gov.au or send to

Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2017/2027(786 kb)

Long Term Financial Plan
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